Дробеметный аппарат


There are numerous types of metal purification from oxidation, but the use of shot blaster is one of the most common. Its task is to throw metal products with special abrasive particles, which exfoliate dirt, scale and obsolete coatings. Shot blasting machine – an automatic installation that is designed to clean metal products. The use of a shot blaster significantly increases the quality of applying paint and anti-corrosion compounds on metal structures. Products that are processed are placed directly on the retractable turntable of the chamber and then sent to the chamber in order to be processed manually. This unit is placed in the upper compartment of the chamber at a certain angle to the surface of the rotating table.

This equipment is used to clean metal products from corrosive changes, scale, thermal and chemical types of burns, the remaining mixture of molding materials before preparing to apply a portion of the protective layer (painting) in order to harden (rivet) the surface layer and directly to clean stone and concrete products, concrete surfaces and stones in auto mode. Shot blasting equipment is most often combined with a drying chamber, automatic dyeing and drying chamber, resulting in a common line with a high-performance level for spraying a protective coating that fights corrosion. Our company represents shotguns that meet technological requirements, nomenclature, as well as volumes of finished products and placement conditions.

Such technical equipment is used in order to clean the surface of scale, to prepare the surface of metal products for painting or for spraying coatings of various kinds. The product is fed into the working chamber using a drive roller conveyor. Shot blasting machine – a unit designed for mechanical descaling using a powerful stream of a shot from cast iron or steel, which is thrown out by a high-speed centrifugal rotor. Such installations of a through type are usually equipped with a loading and unloading conveyor, as well as a pre-heating device (it is used to dry the surface and to burn out an oil film). There are also technological solutions when a shot blasting machine and a spray booth with an automatic drying chamber are assembled.

In different industries, and most often where the coating of manufactured metal products with different varnishes or paints is required, such an assembly as a shot blasting chamber is very often used. It has several modifications – it can be a separate building – in this case, we can talk about a shot blast line. And in production, chambers are usually used, as it is ergonomic and low cost with almost the same functions as the lines. Shot blasting chambers are simple but effective equipment. Often, chambers are used to clean metal sheets of old paint, various dirt and even rusty deposits. There is no danger to personnel in this case, since absolutely every action of processing cases is performed by a chamber that is closed by a door, and until it is hermetically closed, the chamber will not perform any actions