Дробеметная установка


Installations are of two main types. Pneumatic shotguns on the surface that is being machined produce an abrasive discharge using a stream of compressed air under high pressure. And mechanical type shotguns induce abrasive particles using a rotor with rotating blades. Shot blasting machine produces cold metal processing. Fraction, consisting of an abrasive of varying degrees of aggressiveness (as a rule, these are small particles of metal), shell the top layer. As a result, after processing with the help of a shot blaster, not only dirt is removed from the metal, but its surface composition is also significantly changed. The microtexture generated by the impact of the grains on the surface helps the high-quality application of paints and varnishes. It is because of this, one more reason, that remote control is often absolutely necessary.

This equipment is used in the process of processing metal surfaces from oxidation and, in addition, during the preparation of plates for applying paintwork. These chambers are widespread at industrial enterprises, where preliminary work is carried out with metal rolling and structures made using welding. The shot-type machine involves shot-blasting cleaning of various metal products, simple welded-type metal constructions from rust deposits, spoiled paint coatings and other contaminants of various kinds, cleaning products of the same shape (stone, concrete) during the manufacturing process (industrial, small-scale and serial).

Our technical service presents a line of equipment that is designed to clean sheets of metal and profile rolled products using a shot blasting chamber or a full cleaning-painting line. Each buyer has different priorities: some need to get high quality, and others need a low price. The line of our company consists of a basic type of plants, which combines the requirements of some customers and others. The shot blasting machine, the price provided by Techservice WEKO, will pleasantly surprise you. You can get a high-quality installation from us, with which you will be pleased to work with, at a low price. Our company always listens to our customers and their offers.