Обслуживание и ремонт дробеметного оборудования

Service and repair of shot blasting equipment

Shot blasting equipment is used to clean the working surfaces by special bombardment with small particles in the form of shot. Hence, in fact, the name of these units originated.

Technoservice VEKO is located in Kiev and is engaged in the production, maintenance and repair of these products. Considering that the equipment for painting and subsequent drying of surfaces is produced and maintained here, shot blasting machines are the primary part of the entire production cycle.

Application of shot blasting equipment

As mentioned, they are used to level surfaces before painting and priming procedures. But there are other areas of application:

  • removal of scale and traces of old paintwork;
  • cleaning from dirt, corrosion and other foreign masses;
  • giving a decorative look to metal products;
  • creating a solid surface before forging;
  • tangible increase in the service life of a metal product.

There is such a thing as metal fatigue. Over time, products made from this material gradually lose their properties, regardless of external and other influences. Shot-throwing slows down this process. In addition, the surfaces after such a procedure are reliably protected from cracks, scratches, corrosion and possible chips.

Shot blasting equipment is especially in demand in foundry and pipe rolling production, mechanical engineering and other related areas.

Equipment for shot blasting machines

It should be borne in mind that shot-throwing equipment is a camera, moreover, stationary. The walls of this product are made of high strength material, as a rule, they are made of high strength steel. It is additionally used to increase the protective properties. for example, reinforced rubber. To imagine the load that these structures can withstand, it can be noted that the ejection of abrasive shot in such installations can reach a speed of 1000 kg per minute.

As a rule, such installations are equipped directly with cleaning chambers, equipped with ventilation systems, an abrasive mixture supply system, air ducts and devices for precise shot throwing.

Types of shot blasting machines

The most common equipment is drum type. Items in the chamber are treated like a washing machine. It is clear that only faulty units and parts can be processed in this way.

A separate category includes installations designed for the processing of sheet and section steel, pipes and similar welded structures.

Conveyor blast machines are designed to handle a large number of small items and are mainly used for descaling.

There is generally an original design with a so-called turntable. Units and parts to be cleaned are placed on it, and the table begins to rotate. At the same time, shot is fed in a directional manner. This processing is very efficient, although the bottom of each part has to be serviced additionally.

In all types of such installations, the shot can be reused. For this, a special collection system is used.

In order for these mechanisms to function properly, they need to be periodically monitored and maintained. The abrasive mixture must be supplied in equal volumes. Shot should only be of proper quality. And finally, the units of this unit need periodic inspection