Продажа покрасочных камер


The main requirement that the market places on any manufacturer is compliance with changing standards. Constantly increasing demands on the quality of the coating on products or parts are forcing manufacturers to show maximum flexibility in solving new problems. In cases where the appearance of the product is secondary, protection against adverse effects, which also provides coloring, comes first. The Techservice WEKO company organized the sale of spray booths of its own design. We have designed and manufactured hundreds of models of various devices for the equipment of paint workshops at large enterprises and sites in small firms. The company’s specialists take part in all stages of development, manufacture, installation, and subsequent maintenance of chambers and complexes. The forces of our craftsmen can create equipment that works efficiently in non-standard conditions.

To order spray booths, shot blasting chamber – Call:

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or write to the mail: tweko2112@gmail.com

If your production has several tasks, namely:

1. Increasing the efficiency and profitability of the enterprise;
2. Expending the list of services provided by the enterprise;
3. Reducing energy consumption by existing equipment;
4. Bringing working conditions of painters closer to European standards;
5. Improve the quality of services.

It is worth turning to professionals. You can buy a spray booth from the manufacturer Techservice WEKO that can solve all the problems listed above with ease. When staining in our chambers, the appearance of paint streaks is almost eliminated, which eliminates subsequent sanding and damage to the coating. The innovative heat exchangers used by the company’s engineers reduce electricity consumption by 40%. The work of personnel in the spray booth fully complies with strict European requirements.


First, before such a large-scale acquisition, you should definitely consult with our specialists. Of course, it is more convenient to initially manufacture the camera for specific conditions, but standard models and options are quite in demand. In this case, it is necessary to answer the questions of our experts as accurately as possible for the optimal selection of equipment. A standard spray booth, the price of which corresponds to the quality of the product, meets most of the tasks that our industry solves. Of course, the cost of the equipment complex will increase if you want to understaff the device with additional filters, lamps, tracking automation. Practice shows that the spray booth is best purchased in the face of an ever-changing market. So that an expensive device remains relevant for a long time.

You can get acquainted with the Techservice WEKO pricing policy in more detail by calling the telephone number indicated at the top of the site. There are no difficult questions for our employees. Call us!