Ремонт и обслуживание подъемников для яхт

Repair and maintenance of yacht lifts

Yacht lifts are made up of blocks that need preventive maintenance from time to time. In order for the equipment to be in normal working order, it is required to carry out a timely inspection, maintain it according to the regulations. This approach will reduce the risks that inevitably arise during operation. The company “Techservice VEKO” has been developing painting systems, designing yacht lifts for many years. Prices are in the middle segment, the quality of work is at the level of world standards.

Techservice Veko: service of lifts

Small boats are becoming more and more popular every year. The reason is simple, medium-sized boats have many advantages, they can be used both for recreation and for fishing. In the cold season, specialized storage facilities and slipways are required for “boats”.

Special devices are often required to lift yachts and boats out of the water, slipways are not always located near the quay wall. The engineers of “Techservice VEKO” create know-how units that are almost 100% built into the pier line. Such mechanisms work silently, they are compact and inexpensive. The control is carried out remotely using a digital console.

Boat lifts

All lifts consist of basic blocks:

  1. Guides;
  2. Metal platform
  3. Driving mechanisms (polypast blocks, hydraulic cylinders)

The hydraulic drive is supplied with power, power and other characteristics are calculated by specialists on an individual basis. Such products have the following advantages:

  1. Time and money costs for service are drastically reduced.
  2. “Boats” are better stored in the cold season
  3. Getting on and off becomes safer
  4. During bad weather, the risk of damage to the dock is reduced.

A good lift performs the main function: it provides a chance to store the ship without using a boathouse

Among the wide variety of lifts, hydraulic mechanisms are pleasantly considered the most reliable and unpretentious in terms of service. Electromechanical units, for example, need careful maintenance due to the high coefficient of friction of the working units. Screw pairs need high-quality lubrication, which must be of a strictly defined degree of viscosity.

If you do not carry out repairs, then first of all they will actively wear out:

  • pair of screw-nut;
  • pulleys;
  • drive belts;

This will be expressed in the “extraneous” sounds of the working mechanism.

Boat lifts

The company “Techservice VEKO” creates lifts that are distinguished by their simplicity of design. Even a beginner can cope with such mechanisms after a short briefing. Ease of use is guaranteed by:

  • no welds
  • careful fitting of all blocks
  • reliable protection of electrical equipment.

Any material for the platform can be ordered; the device looks very aesthetically pleasing. To order, the company’s employees are ready to create a lifting mechanism according to the client’s drawings.

During operation, the equipment must be checked regularly. First of all, they are examined:

  1. Hydraulic fluid.
  2. Electrolyte in chargers.
  3. Checking the contamination of wheels and pull-out elements.
  4. Change of filters.
  5. Retainers.
  6. The lift legs are checked for vertical deviations.
  7. Anchoring.
  8. PVC liners.
  9. All moving blocks are lubricated.
  10. The electrical circuit is checked.
  11. Hydraulic block joints.
  12. Retaining elements are being tested.
  13. The cables are pulled up.
  14. Oil changes.

The Ukrainian-German enterprise “Techservice VEKO” develops painting systems, lifting mechanisms. A well-painted boat always has a pleasant aesthetic appearance, which is the best recommendation of its owner. Equipment from “Veko” – this is new technologies in action, go to the site, call the hotline, leave applications.