Реконструкция и модернизация сушильных камер

Reconstruction and modernization of drying chambers

Technoservice VEKO is a company that has already established itself as a successful and high-quality work, which is located in Kiev. It was founded back in the early nineties for the production of equipment that provides the application of various coatings on a given surface: varnishes, paints, thermal insulation, etc.

The company is engaged not only in production, but also in the improvement and reconstruction of painting and drying chambers, see our cases  https://tweko.com.ua/en/project/ , which can be of any size and filling with the necessary materials.

The device of the painting and drying chamber

This mechanism includes several main working units:

  • sealed cabin that is resistant to moisture and high temperatures;
  • air filters on the suspended ceiling;
  • goal;
  • doors for service;
  • lamps protected from dust and moisture;
  • thermal ventilation cabinets;
  • valves and filters.

All this is equipped with a reliable control panel of a modernized design.

Construction of painting and drying booth

There must be valves in the chamber, which must regulate the internal pressure. As soon as the filters start to fill, it will inevitably increase. This can lead to all sorts of swirls and the so-called fog of color. The valves must reduce the increased pressure in time.

But if this pressure is not enough, dust gets inside the camera, which will also significantly reduce the quality of the coating.

You also need to pay special attention to the coating of the walls of the painting and drying booth. To objectively evaluate the color of the applied coating, the walls of the chamber must be uniform, preferably white.

Features of buying a painting and drying booth

When purchasing relatively sophisticated equipment of this kind, buyers pay particular attention to energy conservation and efficiency. It is also important how accessible the management process will be.

In this case, the speed of dyeing and subsequent drying is of particular importance. To reduce time costs, the surface of the product is subjected to special shot blasting before painting.

It is clear that all works related to the application of paint and varnish coatings have a high fire hazard. In this regard, the proposed painting and drying booth fully meets all safety requirements.

Installation of painting and drying booth

Most often, the installation of such a product is carried out on a concrete base. The base is a strip-type foundation. This method requires some additional costs, but it is quite reliable.

In some cases, the camera is placed on a metal structure, which is erected in advance and rises above the general floor of the workshop. If the dimensions of the structure and the chamber are the same, this option is also reliable.

You can assemble and install such a product by your own workers, if they have the appropriate qualifications. However, in this case, the responsibility for the reliability of the installation is no longer the manufacturer, but the owner of this equipment. It is more expedient to entrust installation and service maintenance to specialists.

Technoservice VEKO manufactures and modernizes equipment with a high degree of reliability. The engineers of this enterprise have already developed and launched the production of more than a hundred complexes for painting various surfaces. Moreover, there are standard options, but individual ones are also possible, taking into account the tasks and the size and location of the surfaces on which the corresponding coating will be applied. In any case, such a camera in its functionality will not differ from the standard one.