Купить покрасочную камеру


Today, for a product or equipment to appear on the market, it is necessary not only quality but also a good appearance. The final coating not only adds attractiveness to the product but also helps protect against external adverse effects. Such as fading, rust, mechanical damage. Therefore, we suggest you buy a spray booth. It creates the necessary conditions for applying paint and subsequent drying on surfaces of any type. Boxing consists of a full range of necessary equipment. Specialists of our company Techservice WEKO designed apparatuses, the purpose of which is to paint products partially or completely. To increase the efficiency of the equipment, rational energy consumption in the workspace was revised. Our boxes have passed the standard of control of European Standards.

To order a spray booth, shot blasting booth, a painting workshops – Call:

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or write to the mail: tweko2112@gmail.com


The service station is one of the main businesses for our compatriots. A huge variety of vehicles need periodic repairs, including painting and straightening. To provide these services, there is no need to buy new expensive equipment. You can buy a booth spray booth. Despite the fact that the complex has already been used and somewhat outdated, the finished system is still much better than buying everything separately. The improperly equipped room leads to a decrease in the quality of work performed. It is in order to reduce initial costs that the used boxes are intended.


Due to the rapid development of modern science, both design and engineering industries, almost new paint boxes are considered obsolete. Therefore, industrial manufacturers using these chambers are forced to replace them. In this case, enterprises using complexes from our company come to us with a request to implement replaced systems. We offer to buy a used spray booth for cars at competitive prices. Our company Techservice Weko conducts a thorough professional inspection of the entire complex, clean, process, if necessary, restore and improve. Thanks to vast experience (10 years), specialists find even the smallest discrepancy. Thanks to this, you can purchase an absolutely valid box at a bargain price. Contact our consultants, and they will provide all the information you are interested in!