Painting post with a hydraulic screen for defense equipment – Spetsoboronmash

At the end of July 2019, the Spetsoboronmash State Enterprise contacted our company about the acquisition of our products for the needs of their production. The aim was to establish paint booths with heated supply air to create safe working conditions on the painting site.

The budget for the implementation of this project was laid out rather modest, and the requirements for equipment are high. Before meeting with our experts, it was supposed to provide air heating using a water heater. But the distance to the boiler room and its performance indicators did not meet the requirements for the optimal operation of the Equipment. Then it was decided to use a heat exchanger paired with a diesel burner that runs on diesel fuel. And in order to comply with labor protection rules and fire safety standards, for category rooms, the thermal ventilation cabinet had to be moved outside the premises.

Already at the beginning of August 2019, the Spetsoboronmash state-owned company ordered Techservice VEKO & Partner GmbH LLC – a paint-spraying post with water filtration, consisting of:
1. A fume hood with a water curtain in the amount of 2 sets, which have dimensions 2000x600x1900mm., And 4000x600x1900mm.
2. Supply air system with heated air, using a diesel burner. The size of the ceiling plenum is 7000x4000mm.

The water-spray painting post was put into operation in October 2019. During the work, complaints about the quality and operation of the equipment from the customer are not observed. Everything works in accordance with the ordered technical specifications and manufacturer’s parameters.

Ventilation chamber for PAT “Ukrnafta”

In 2019, we took part and won the tender for the supply of two ventilation chambers for washing specialized equipment, which are serviced by the Ukrnafta branch office, which is located in the city of Priluki, Chernihiv region.

These technological boxes are hermetic chambers with enhanced ventilation and air filtration. Ventilation provides the rapid removal of solvent, oil products and cleaning chemicals. Thanks to constant and uniform ventilation, safe and comfortable working conditions for personnel are created in the chamber, and they comply with European labor protection standards.

In vent. the chamber is constantly supplied with purified and heated air from the atmosphere. The air is heated with the help of water water heaters to a temperature of +20 ° C. Air is supplied through ventilation ducts located in front of the chambers. And the intake of exhaust air occurs through filter cartridges located in the rear of the chambers. Thus, a constant longitudinal air movement is created in the chamber at a speed of 0.3 m / s, which ensures the rapid removal of fumes from the chamber and creates safe working conditions.

The ventilation chambers have an internal size of 12x4x4.8 m. On the front wall there are sealed, insulated swing type gates, the opening of the gate is 3.2×2.4 m. Thermo-ventilation cabinets are located on the rear side of the chambers. The power of ventilation units of the air supply is 7.5 kW, the power of exhaust ventilation units is 5.5 kW. The power of air heating heaters is 257 kW.

The main difficulty in the implementation of this project was the strict requirements for the explosion protection of all camera components – category A, climatic modification UHL 4, according to GOST 15150-69. Therefore, lamps, vent. installations, electric motors in the chambers have appropriate protection standards.


February 23 announced the signing of a framework agreement between JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” and American Corporation General Electric for the purchase and modernization of 225 locomotives until 2034. General Electric will supply Ukrzaliznytsia with 5th generation Evolution TE33A series freight diesel locomotives with an asynchronous traction drive. This is the most modern platform for GE lineup.
In April 2018, we were approached by representatives of the Kryukovsky railway car building plant with a request for the production of a painting complex for diesel locomotives, which, as part of an agreement with GE, will be assembled at the Kryukovsky railway car building plant production facilities. After conducting a detailed analysis of the technical specifications, we developed a concept for the future painting complex, which included: a degreasing chamber, a preparation chamber, a painting and drying chamber. All three cameras are combined into one complex and have common walls with a hinged gate so that the product does not leave the limits of the zone of the complex during various stages of processing. The paint complex is located on a flat concrete site, and the preparation chamber and the drying chamber are designed for installation without filling the foundation, with ejection of the exhaust air side by means of ventilation channels, and the painting chamber, in addition to the side ventilation ducts, has underground ones, which made it possible to improve aerodynamic performance in the working area. The use of the combined method of exhaust air removal allowed to do without labor-intensive preparatory construction work on the arrangement of underground ventilation ducts and significantly reduced the duration of the project as a whole.
The training chamber has a working area of 6’880×6’700×4’000mm. The thermo-ventilation group is represented by one supply and exhaust thermo-ventilation cabinet and a set of bypass air channels. The thermal ventilation cabinet has two centrifugal ventilation units, each with a productivity of up to 30,000 m3 / h, one works to supply air to the chamber, and the other to outward air. The chamber has one own entrance gate, as well as one gate to go to the painting chamber.
The paint coating chamber has a working area of 12’920×6’700×4’000mm. The thermal ventilation group consists of four thermal ventilation cabinets and a set of bypass air ducts. A total of 8 highly productive centrifugal ventilation units with a productivity of up to 30,000 m3 / h each are involved in the thermal ventilation group, which ensures a constant and uniform air flow inside the chamber, with a speed of at least 0.3 m / s. The chamber has one own entrance gate and two gates that connect it to the preparation and drying chambers.
The drying chamber has a working area of 9’880×6’700×2’700mm. The thermal ventilation group includes one supply and exhaust thermal ventilation cabinet with one centrifugal ventilation unit, which circulates the air flows in the chamber, with partial air renewal, within 10-15%, which prevents the formation of an explosive atmosphere inside the chamber, with minimal loss of warm air. The drying chamber, like the preparation chamber, has one gate of its own and one gate connecting it to the painting chamber.
The thermal ventilation group of the entire painting complex for diesel locomotives uses gas burners and stainless steel heat exchangers to heat the air, in total 6 burners are used in the complex, manufactured by CIB Unigas, Italy, with a capacity of up to 300 kW. All thermal ventilation cabinets are located outside the premises, at a distance of 2.5 meters from the cabin of the complex.

Chamber for applying protective coatings for SE “CB” South “

In 2018, representatives of the SE “Design Bureau“ Yuzhnoye im. N.K. Yangelya, “with a request for a camera for applying protective coatings to the shells of rockets manufactured by the enterprise. To implement such a project for us is a significant stage in the development of the company and a great honor, therefore we have made every effort to become a winner in this tender and supply the highest quality equipment.
This chamber has an internal size of 10x4x4 meters. It is installed on a foundation foundation with underground air ducts. The cabin chamber is of a dead-end type, has three-wing swing type gates, the opening of the gate is 3.6×3.6 m. The cabin and thermal ventilation cabinets are fully made in white, according to customer requirements.
The thermal ventilation group consists of two forced-air ventilation cabinets, and one double fume hood with an activated carbon filter block. High-performance centrifugal ventilation units manufactured by Nicotra Gebhardt, Italy are used in TVS. 2 WUs operate for air supply and 2 for exhaust, each productivity is 25,000 m3 / h, due to which a constant, descending, air flow is created in the chamber at a speed of at least 0.25 m / s.
The air in the chamber is heated by two powerful electric heat exchangers with thick-film metal-ceramic heaters of their own production. Heat exchangers have a special design, designed specifically for use in spray booths, with a large air flow, due to which, at relatively low rates of energy consumption – from 30 to 90 kW / h, they heat up a very large amount of air – 25,000 m3 / h to the delta 40 ° C. In addition, the smooth regulation of the heating power and precise temperature control make it possible to ensure a low temperature difference of ± 5 ° C in the operation of the chamber. Thanks to powerful heat exchangers, the chamber can easily provide the necessary operating temperatures – coating 20 ° C with a temperature difference of ± 4 ° C, and in the drying mode 60 ° C with a temperature difference of ± 5 ° C.
This object is a matter of pride for our company. We are pleased to be a supplier to the SE “CB” South them. N.K. Yangel ‘, as well as the fact that our equipment is involved in the creation of space rocket technology.


To improve the quality of painting and reduce the timing of finished products, «VERTYKAL» scientific and production association and the «TWEKO» plant developed and manufactured a mobile spray booth for painting complex large-sized metal structures with the proper quality of paintwork.
The peculiarity of the project on creation of the camera in this series has become a transforming working area – chamber cabin. The supply and exhaust thermo-ventilation group is mounted permanently on the foundation, and the chamber cabin is in the folded position (when it is not necessary) and moves apart after the product has been placed for applying the paintwork.
Difficulties for the realization of the project implementation has added two camera modes – «painting» and «drying». As an enclosing structure applied flame retardant fabric with a silicone coating that resists high thermal and mechanical loads.
The sliding cabin of the chamber when folded occupies 1850 mm in length, while in the unfolded state the working area is 15180 x 5000 x 5000 mm. The appearance of the transformed painting and drying chamber for the enterprise has reduced the time available for painting works – from 2 – 3 days (each layer paint had to dry naturally) to 1-night shift (up to 8 hours).

Painting and drying complex for large equipment- Aerotechnics

At the end of 2016, representatives of Aerotechnika contacted us with the task of supplying a spray booth for the products of the Customer. One of the main features of this project is that the thermal ventilation group of the chamber is used as an additional room heater. Thanks to carefully thought-out systems of air channels, gate devices with pneumatic drives and automation, warm air can be redirected from the chamber to the room.

One of the difficulties in implementing this project was the restriction on the height of the room – 4680 mm, and in the chamber it was necessary to ensure the possibility of painting products with a height of up to 4560 mm. To solve this problem, we proposed first of all to create a recess of the platform on which the camera is mounted at -300mm, which in combination with flat wheels on the products allows you to import radar installations that the customer makes into the camera. The distance to the booth of the spray booth and the overlapping of the paint shop was only ~ 50 mm.

This camera has an internal size of 15x6x4.7 m (LxWxH). The thermo-ventilation group of the chamber consists of two powerful supply and exhaust thermo-ventilation cabinets, each of which has one centrifugal double-sided ventilation unit with electric motors of 15 kW for air intake and 11 kW for air exhaust. The productivity of each thermal ventilation cabinet is up to 30,000 cubic meters per hour.

Spray booth has an internal partition that allows you to divide the internal space into 2 equal parts. The entire complex of equipment is controlled through a central control panel with automation and control systems, which allows you to use each of the two halves of the spray booth as a separate independent camera, or to simultaneously heat up the paint shop and work in the camera.

The paint shop has a post for preparing for painting and priming oversized products, which has 2 exhaust ventilation hoods with dry two-level air filtration.


In 2016, representatives of the MPM Motors company, which are engaged in the production of sports cars in the suburbs of Paris, approached us with a request for the reconstruction of the existing painting area. Previously purchased and installed equipment from China suppliers did not meet the high requirements for the quality of the paintwork.
The first stage of the reconstruction was the modernization of the existing painting chamber. We supplied a set of equipment to improve ventilation and air filtration systems, a set of wall and ceiling lamps, as well as service doors. This set of equipment made it possible to create the necessary air exchange and ensure an acceptable air velocity in the working area, at the level of 0.2 m / s, and also significantly improve the quality of air purification in the chamber and lighting in the working area.
The second stage in the reconstruction of the painting area was the development, manufacture and supply of a new painting and drying chamber for automobiles. This chamber has an internal size of 9 x 6 x 4 meters, it is installed on the existing floor of the paint shop without foundation work using a metal podium, which allows you to remove the exhaust air according to the scheme “top-to-bottom”. The whole-grating steel floor provides a straight-line and even distribution of air flows throughout the chamber, which allows to achieve the best quality paintwork on products.
The thermal ventilation group consists of two supply and exhaust thermal ventilation cabinets with electric heat exchangers. Four powerful centrifugal ventilation units, with a capacity of up to 30 thousand cubic meters per hour each, provide a constant and uniform air flow inside the chamber, with an air velocity of at least 0.3 m / s. Electric heat exchangers consume from 22 to 90 kW / h of electricity and heat the entire volume of supplied air to the required delta of 35 °C (“delta” is the difference in air temperature between the inlet to the heat exchanger and the exit to the working area), thus providing optimal conditions for application paints and varnishes at an external temperature of air to -15 °C.
The delivered set of work equipment allowed to increase the productivity of the painting area by more than three times and to ensure the proper quality of the paintwork for automobile production.


The painting chamber for agricultural machinery was manufactured on the order of «Olis» LLC, the largest producer of agricultural machinery, production facilities of which are located in Odessa.
The camera is equipped with a two-level exhaust air filtration system, the first level is cardboard labyrinth filters with high cumulative ability, which trap most of the paint and varnish materials, the second level is fiberglass filters, filter class EU3. In this configuration, the storage capacity increases significantly, and the amount of paint and varnish particles in the discharged air is less by 35-40%, but the main advantage is that the service life of fiberglass filters is increased by 3 times, and the total cost of filter materials of emission is reduced by 30%.
A feature of this camera is the highway, which is integrated into the ceiling structure. A monorail is integrated into the center of the painting chamber in the ceiling, which allows you to suspend painted items in the cabin and freely rotate them around its axis. The maximum permissible load on the monorail is 1,000 kg, but at the buyer’s request the figure may be several times higher and the chamber may be parallel to up to 3 monorails.
The thermal ventilation group of the chamber consists of 2 supply and exhaust cabinets with a capacity of up to 56 m. cube/hour. Air heating is carried out using electric heat exchangers of our own design, the maximum power consumption of each of them reaches 84 kW / h, and in nominal mode, when the air temperature is about 0 ° C, the consumption will be ~ 45 kW / h.


The painting chamber for car trawls was developed and manufactured by us for the «Trans Auto D» company, which is involved in the transportation of oversized cargo in Ukraine and abroad, as well as the production of automobile trailers – trawls.
This painting chamber was built in the premises of the customer in such a way to maximize the usable space. The camera’s cabin has internal dimensions of 24’000×5’000×4’100 mm, it is made of sandwich panels with 80 mm thick mineral wool filler. The painting and drying chamber has 3 inlet-exhaust heat-expansion cabinets with powerful centrifugal ventilation units, with a total capacity of up to 100,000 m³/h.
Air heating in the cold season is carried out using electric heat exchangers of our own design. These heat exchangers consume a total of up to 270 kW / h in acceleration mode while giving a delta of ~ 35 ° C for all 100,000 m³/hour, which is 50-70% less than the closest analogues from competitors.
In addition to the standard equipment set consisting of two-row lighting, a three-level air filtration system, three-wing swing gates, automation and control systems, this chamber also has a central ventilated pit that allows the operator to paint trawls from the bottom without having to turn or lift the product.


The painting chamber for armored vehicles was created by order of Reform LLC, an enterprise engaged in the production of armored vehicles in the Kyiv region.
One of the main tasks of any enterprise in Ukraine that produces products, whether it is engineering or agricultural machinery, or any other products, is to give it a beautiful appearance, and it is possible only when you not only found a good artist and a painting area but also provide it high-quality abrasive blasting, painting and drying chambers, which are produced by our Joint Ukrainian-German company «Techservice VEKO».
An example of equipping the engineering enterprises of Ukraine with our equipment is the «Reform» enterprise. In 2016-2017, for «Reform», our company successfully developed, manufactured and commissioned a set of equipment for painting for heavy equipment. The painting chamber for armored vehicles has a twin-engine supply and exhaust ventilation circuit, effective air filtration. The ergonomic cabin, which is located inside the production hall, has a couple of service doors, double-row lighting creates illumination in the chamber at the level of 1000 lux. A thermo-ventilation cabinet with supply and exhaust ventilation is located on the street and is equipped with a diesel burner and an automatic fuel heating system developed by our specialists, which allows uninterrupted operation in the winter time.


The modernization of the painting chamber for the for agricultural machinery in order to equip the active floor begins with our designers calculating the size of the air ducts of the floor, or what depth to make a pit for a particular configuration of the painting chamber. Due to these calculations, a technical task is drawn up, which indicates what the exhaust channels should be, their shape and depth. We also calculate the cross-section of the air ducts. Sometimes the existing ducts before modernization are not enough for the productive work of the new active floor. Calculated power and performance exhaust hood, which is already available, namely whether it will cope with its new tasks.
Every floor modernization is made individually for the customer. We take into account all the nuances in the production of this type of exhaust hood, such as:
• The number, depth and location of the exhaust ducts (if large objects are placed in your painting chamber that are located in the center of the chamber, then a design with two exhaust ducts on the sides of the chamber is suitable for you, and if you have many parts located throughout the chamber, then you’ll need more a shallow pit which will work across the entire area of your active floor);
• The direction of the floor grates (the direction of the grates plays an important role, if trolleys or supports with small wheels are used in your painting chamber, they can get stuck in the grate, respectively, the direction of the grate should be perpendicular to the route of the trolley);
• Additional exhaust equipment or modernization of the existing one (in order for your active floor to work as expected, it will need an exhaust system that can extract paint particles and spray mist from a large surface of floor filters, it will also be necessary to overcome the resistance of these filters);
• Additional supply equipment or modernization of the existing one (by making the active floor of the painting chamber we also take into account the fact that the extraction of your chamber becomes more and more productive, and at the same time it is not possible to leave the dispensing equipment the same, because the pressure in your chamber will be insufficient. In order to stabilize the pressure and improve the frequency of air exchange, we replace the intake fan and, if necessary, the inlet cabinet engine).
• The active paint floor allows you to remove fog from paint materials such as paint, primer, varnish, etc. The main objective of this design is not to allow the fog to rise up to the respiratory tract of the painter, but to be immediately absorbed into the active floor. This allows you to make the paint coating better and cleaner. Working conditions of the painter become safer and this allows him to work much more efficiently.
With the modernization of the floor of your paint chamber, you get an extraction hood which will provide you with safe working conditions and better work quality.
The active paint floor can be used as a hood for the painting chamber in your garage. You get a hood that will not be inferior to a professional hood in the spray booth for a small cost. To do this, just need to calculate the fresh air plenum that will deliver air in a painting chamber in your garage and air changes in the chamber, which you would like to have.


Hood for painting with water curtain with side porches, without the active floor. Ventilation capacity — 10000 m³/h.