Ventilation chamber for PAT “Ukrnafta”

In 2019, we took part and won the tender for the supply of two ventilation chambers for washing specialized equipment, which are serviced by the Ukrnafta branch office, which is located in the city of Priluki, Chernihiv region.

These technological boxes are hermetic chambers with enhanced ventilation and air filtration. Ventilation provides the rapid removal of solvent, oil products and cleaning chemicals. Thanks to constant and uniform ventilation, safe and comfortable working conditions for personnel are created in the chamber, and they comply with European labor protection standards.

In vent. the chamber is constantly supplied with purified and heated air from the atmosphere. The air is heated with the help of water water heaters to a temperature of +20 ° C. Air is supplied through ventilation ducts located in front of the chambers. And the intake of exhaust air occurs through filter cartridges located in the rear of the chambers. Thus, a constant longitudinal air movement is created in the chamber at a speed of 0.3 m / s, which ensures the rapid removal of fumes from the chamber and creates safe working conditions.

The ventilation chambers have an internal size of 12x4x4.8 m. On the front wall there are sealed, insulated swing type gates, the opening of the gate is 3.2×2.4 m. Thermo-ventilation cabinets are located on the rear side of the chambers. The power of ventilation units of the air supply is 7.5 kW, the power of exhaust ventilation units is 5.5 kW. The power of air heating heaters is 257 kW.

The main difficulty in the implementation of this project was the strict requirements for the explosion protection of all camera components – category A, climatic modification UHL 4, according to GOST 15150-69. Therefore, lamps, vent. installations, electric motors in the chambers have appropriate protection standards.