Truck painting on VH №A3358



Painting trucks, cars and truck cabins

At the beginning of the summer of 2021, we received a request for the development and design of a spray booth, which was needed for military unit № A3358. Purpose: to accelerate the release of finished products and improve the quality of painted car parts, paint trucks, vans and their parts. The technical specialists of the military unit were offered our standard AKFS-S chamber with electric heating, air supply from the ceiling and exhaust from the floor.

What tasks the spray booth was supposed to solve:

  • truck painting \ truck body painting
  • car painting \ car cabins painting
  • painting of cabins of trucks and minibuses
  • painting of body parts

Car body painting

The technology of painting a car is a difficult and time-consuming process in which a good result can be achieved only if the painting technology is followed and with certain skills. The main principle of obtaining high-quality painting of cars and body parts is a phased preparation and a clear sequence of actions of the painter who conducts the painting work. Thanks to a huge selection of painting materials and the right tools, you can get the desired result, and the impact of the environment on the damaged areas of the car.

A damaged paintwork not only spoils the appearance of the car, but also leads to metal corrosion, which entails a lot of troubles, complicates the painting of the damaged part. In the case when painting is carried out without eliminating problems on the body, after a while the paint begins to flake off and “mushrooms” are formed. Intervention of welding is required, possibly a partial repair of the insert of a new element, or a complete replacement of a part. In order to thoroughly prepare the metal for painting, it is necessary to use specialized equipment, to clean the metal from the coating residues using shot blasting.

Once again, our company was noted for the speed and quality of manufacturing a chamber for painting and drying (CFS) cabins of trucks, minibuses and their body elements. FSC with working area dimensions 8.6 x4, 5×3, 0 is already standardized equipment for our design bureau, so the development took a short period of time.

Installation of equipment for painting cars and cabins

Installation of equipment with a supply and exhaust ventilation duct took a record 4 working days, taking into account the change of the supply ventilation duct line and the manufacture of new ducts. Commissioning and personnel training took only 1 working day, during which the customer’s personnel fully learned how to use the equipment.
An important role in the installation work was played by the assistance provided by the customer with personnel and mechanisms, for which we express our deep gratitude to military unit No. A3358!
At the moment, the equipment works according to the factory settings and in normal mode, the customer is satisfied with the operation of the equipment, as evidenced by the letter sent to us on October 21, 2021.