We got acquainted with the company LIVING WOOD UKRAINE LLC during the repair work of the ventilation group of the painting and drying chamber, and for several years now we have been regularly carrying out maintenance of this chamber.


At LIVING WOOD’s request, we have completed the modernization of their spray booth – we have manufactured and installed a set of additional equipment for the supply ventilation system.


Modernization of painting and drying booth

• The modernization was developed and approved by the Technical Department together with the customer’s representatives.
• When changing air ducts, tees and gate devices, our design office took into account all the nuances of the existing air ducts, their cross-section, length, used a connecting rail, rail and type of fasteners.
• During dismantling and installation work, there were no surprises or unforeseen situations. The set of parts produced by us was installed quickly and efficiently using all the necessary materials and in accordance with existing safety standards.


Such modernization, in the future, allows you to save on energy resources for heating the painting and drying booth from another manufacturer. This type of modernization is very interesting at the present time, since the price of energy resources is constantly growing, and their economical use allows you to save money and use resources more rationally. With this modernization, LEIVING WOOD UKRAINE LLC shows its impetuous desire to take a more responsible attitude to the environment, and our company helped them in this.

Techservice VEKO

Our company offers repair, maintenance and modernization of painting and drying chambers. We offer the service for all organizations, no matter whether you use equipment of our production, Chinese, European or other companies. Our service department will help you with the repair, maintenance or modernization of the painting area of ​​your enterprise, company or automotive service.