Reconstruction of the painting department at the State Enterprise “HKBM”

In 2020, the State Enterprise “Kharkiv Design Bureau A.A. Morozov” started a large-scale reconstruction of the painting department. The purpose of the event: To modernize production facilities, improve the environmental standards of their production and improve the quality of the paintwork of their company’s products. The section for painting oversized parts of armored personnel carriers, produced by SE KMDB, needed a new spray booth with a water curtain. Therefore, in order to select an equipment supplier, the customer announced a tender procedure on the official electronic public procurement platform Prozorro.

According to the terms of the tender procedure, the equipment delivery set included:

  • Spray booth with a water curtain with dimensions of at least 5000 x 2000 x 2000mm,
  • Preparation of the foundation for the installation of equipment,
  • railroad laying,
  • Installation of conveyors for supplying large-sized parts to the working area in a suspended position. The weight of large-sized parts (which are planned to be hung) is not more than 500 kg.
  • Fabrication and installation of exhaust ducts.

Reconstruction of the painting department

Before submitting the tender proposal, the specialists of Techservice VECO and Partner GmbH LLC made a trip to the future, the customers of the State Enterprise Kharkov Design Bureau A.A. Morozov” and studied in detail the existing painting area, the equipment installation site, engineering communications for connecting the equipment, the state of the foundation for installing the equipment, and provided recommendations and several options for laying a rail track, which in the future will carry out the movement of products on the customer’s trolley. Also, our specialists examined small and large-sized parts for painting. The room for the installation of exhaust ducts was inspected

After winning the tender, the already existing equipment at the paint shop (which was manufactured back in the 1970s) was dismantled and disposed of. After that, as part of the contract, the site was prepared for the installation of new equipment, a new rail track was laid, trolleys were installed for moving products and a new spray booth with an efficient water filtration system was installed.


Thanks to the new equipment of the State Enterprise “Kharkov Design Bureau A.A. Morozov” have significantly reduced emissions of harmful substances and increased the speed of applying paintwork to products.

All equipment and works were performed in accordance with the terms of reference and tender documentation, therefore the State Enterprise “Kharkov Design Bureau A.A. Morozov” recommends us LLC “Techservice VECO and partner GmbH” as a reliable manufacturer of equipment for painting areas. As evidenced by the letter of review, which is posted below.