Painting post with a hydraulic screen for defense equipment – Spetsoboronmash

At the end of July 2019, the Spetsoboronmash State Enterprise contacted our company about the acquisition of our products for the needs of their production. The aim was to establish paint booths with heated supply air to create safe working conditions on the painting site.

The budget for the implementation of this project was laid out rather modest, and the requirements for equipment are high. Before meeting with our experts, it was supposed to provide air heating using a water heater. But the distance to the boiler room and its performance indicators did not meet the requirements for the optimal operation of the Equipment. Then it was decided to use a heat exchanger paired with a diesel burner that runs on diesel fuel. And in order to comply with labor protection rules and fire safety standards, for category rooms, the thermal ventilation cabinet had to be moved outside the premises.

Already at the beginning of August 2019, the Spetsoboronmash state-owned company ordered Techservice VEKO & Partner GmbH LLC – a paint-spraying post with water filtration, consisting of:
1. A fume hood with a water curtain in the amount of 2 sets, which have dimensions 2000x600x1900mm., And 4000x600x1900mm.
2. Supply air system with heated air, using a diesel burner. The size of the ceiling plenum is 7000x4000mm.

The water-spray painting post was put into operation in October 2019. During the work, complaints about the quality and operation of the equipment from the customer are not observed. Everything works in accordance with the ordered technical specifications and manufacturer’s parameters.