Painting line of LLC “MASHGIDROPRIVOD”

Painting line

In mid-April 2020, Mashgidproprivod LLC contacted us with a request for a commercial proposal for the purchase of equipment for painting and drying products for production.
Having carefully studied the terms of reference of LLC “Mashgidproprivod”, we have developed and proposed our own solution for the layout and composition of the equipment, which radically changed their vision of ordering this equipment as a whole. Also, our specialists calculated and argued the optimal set of technological equipment, which will fully satisfy production needs and minimize additional work processes on the paint line.
Thanks to the efficient work of the sales department, and the productive work of the engineers, after lengthy pre-contractual negotiations, our company was chosen as a supplier and executor of this project. According to the customer, OOO Mashgidproprivod, specialists from OOO Techservice WEKO & Partner GmbH have the most rational approach to project implementation. Also, “WEKO” has its own production (which is located in Kiev), and employs specialists from the design department, due to which, in the process of discussing and agreeing on certain issues regarding equipment, everything is clearly and quickly carried out. Changes are promptly made to the project before the signing of the contract.

The painting line for IHL includes:

  • Painting chamber, model KFS.000.00.00-ENERGY, with a working area of ​​4000 x 4000 x 2500mm (2 sets), each of which includes 2 hoods with hydraulic screens 2000 x 600 x 2300mm., A supply ventilation system with air heating using electric heating elements, high-quality lighting in the chamber of our own production.
  • Drying chamber KS.000.00.00-ENERGY with working area dimensions 4000 x 4000 x 2500mm and drying temperature 100C – 1 set.
  • A room for the preparation of paints and varnishes with a working area of ​​4000 x 4000 x 2500mm – 1 set.

In April 2021, Techservice WEKO & Partner GmbH completed commissioning, commissioned this equipment and signed all the necessary documents. Until October 2021, in the “3 shifts” operating mode, the enterprise LLC “Mashgidproprivod” did not have any comments, everything is working as usual.

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