Painting drying complex of dock type

In December 2015, we were approached by the private joint-stock company “Dnepropetrovsk Aggregate Plant“, located in the Dnieper. In the production of the enterprise there was a need to purchase a paint-drying chamber (KFS). After inspecting the enterprise and identifying all the needs, our specialists offered the following equipment: a painting and drying chamber FGC dock type with a working area of ​​9000x4500x3500 mm.

Key features:

  • This camera is located outside the room (on the street) and on a flat, prepared floor.
  • KFS has one thermal ventilation supply and exhaust unit located in the rear of the end cabin of the chamber.
  • the movement of air in the working area is organized from the gate to the rear wall from top to bottom
  • The air heating unit is used with the help of electricity with a capacity of 67.5 kW.


In February 2016, the contractor LLC “Techservice VEKO and partner GmbH” after installation, commissioning and the necessary training of personnel put into operation equipment (FGC dock type) in operation. Thanks to the quality components and professional work of the TWEKO team, the camera at PJSC DAZ has been operating for more than 5 years to this day. Contact us if you need a painting chamber and equipment for the painting area. We are a Ukrainian manufacturer of wood-drying complexes, we develop individual projects and use units from reliable European manufacturers, thanks to which we combine quality and reliability at reasonable prices.