February 23 announced the signing of a framework agreement between JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” and American Corporation General Electric for the purchase and modernization of 225 locomotives until 2034. General Electric will supply Ukrzaliznytsia with 5th generation Evolution TE33A series freight diesel locomotives with an asynchronous traction drive. This is the most modern platform for GE lineup.
In April 2018, we were approached by representatives of the Kryukovsky railway car building plant with a request for the production of a painting complex for diesel locomotives, which, as part of an agreement with GE, will be assembled at the Kryukovsky railway car building plant production facilities. After conducting a detailed analysis of the technical specifications, we developed a concept for the future painting complex, which included: a degreasing chamber, a preparation chamber, a painting and drying chamber. All three cameras are combined into one complex and have common walls with a hinged gate so that the product does not leave the limits of the zone of the complex during various stages of processing. The paint complex is located on a flat concrete site, and the preparation chamber and the drying chamber are designed for installation without filling the foundation, with ejection of the exhaust air side by means of ventilation channels, and the painting chamber, in addition to the side ventilation ducts, has underground ones, which made it possible to improve aerodynamic performance in the working area. The use of the combined method of exhaust air removal allowed to do without labor-intensive preparatory construction work on the arrangement of underground ventilation ducts and significantly reduced the duration of the project as a whole.
The training chamber has a working area of 6’880×6’700×4’000mm. The thermo-ventilation group is represented by one supply and exhaust thermo-ventilation cabinet and a set of bypass air channels. The thermal ventilation cabinet has two centrifugal ventilation units, each with a productivity of up to 30,000 m3 / h, one works to supply air to the chamber, and the other to outward air. The chamber has one own entrance gate, as well as one gate to go to the painting chamber.
The paint coating chamber has a working area of 12’920×6’700×4’000mm. The thermal ventilation group consists of four thermal ventilation cabinets and a set of bypass air ducts. A total of 8 highly productive centrifugal ventilation units with a productivity of up to 30,000 m3 / h each are involved in the thermal ventilation group, which ensures a constant and uniform air flow inside the chamber, with a speed of at least 0.3 m / s. The chamber has one own entrance gate and two gates that connect it to the preparation and drying chambers.
The drying chamber has a working area of 9’880×6’700×2’700mm. The thermal ventilation group includes one supply and exhaust thermal ventilation cabinet with one centrifugal ventilation unit, which circulates the air flows in the chamber, with partial air renewal, within 10-15%, which prevents the formation of an explosive atmosphere inside the chamber, with minimal loss of warm air. The drying chamber, like the preparation chamber, has one gate of its own and one gate connecting it to the painting chamber.
The thermal ventilation group of the entire painting complex for diesel locomotives uses gas burners and stainless steel heat exchangers to heat the air, in total 6 burners are used in the complex, manufactured by CIB Unigas, Italy, with a capacity of up to 300 kW. All thermal ventilation cabinets are located outside the premises, at a distance of 2.5 meters from the cabin of the complex.