Painting chamber for TOV “Krug TET”

The sales department of our company received a request from representatives of the company “Krug-TET“, which is located in Cherkassy, ​​for the development and manufacture of a painting chamber for two work stations. Purpose – for painting KUNGs, vehicles and accessories for expedition vehicles based on trucks of various sizes. It was decided to manufacture a passage-type camera, which is a great advantage over dead-end cameras.

The painting chamber is retrofitted with gas detectors, which measure the concentration of flammable gases to an explosive state and signal the presence of such a concentration, having several response thresholds. This alarm reacts to fumes and gases from solvents, varnishes and paints from all manufacturers of such materials.

These posts are combined into one painting chamber, but they have 2 completely different ways of using, namely:

  • when the gates separating them inside the chamber are closed, the posts work independently of each other, have their own automatics and controls, in turn, I manage the supply and exhaust ventilation systems, as well as heating the paint-and-lacquer coating area (or drying it) independently of each other. This makes it possible to paint several medium-sized items independently of each other with different materials, at different temperatures and at different pressures at each post. Or paint products at one station and dry the painted products at another, thereby saving time in the production process.
    when the gates are open inside the premises, the posts work as one large chamber, the automation system regulates two posts at the same time, which allows painting and drying large-sized items that cannot be accommodated in one post.
  • the painting chamber (painting and drying) was designed in such a way that the groups of supply and exhaust ventilation, as well as air heating, were in one room, the camera cabin was in another room, and the controls were in a dedicated room.
    The installation of this camera was carried out according to the planned schedule and in accordance with the contract. The customer prepared the premises, holes in the walls and pits according to the drawings, before the start of work, according to the provided design documentation. The equipment was designed for the customer’s premises so clearly that the distance between the ceiling of the chamber and the ceiling of the existing workshop is only 10 mm.

The installation of supply and exhaust ventilation ducts and chimneys was carried out by materials and specialists of the involved contractor, which was hired by the customer. All work on laying the air ducts was carried out according to the conceptual solution provided and the drawings of our design office.

During the commissioning work, our specialists trained the customer’s personnel in the use of the equipment, the principles of its operation, and safety precautions during the operation of the equipment.

For several months of active operation, the customer’s painters expressed a desire to increase the illumination at the ends and at the bottom of one of the products, which is painted in a large painting station. Therefore, it was decided to modernize the lighting system at this post of the spray booth. For this, all the wishes of the painter, the angle of inclination of the lamp, the location of the product and the height of the working area in which there is not enough lighting for high-quality application of paints and varnishes were taken into account. Specialists of our technical department, design office and production have developed and manufactured side lamps with end caps. They were installed at the corners of the painting station, this position did not reduce the space at the painting station, and completely satisfied the customer’s painters.

At the moment, the equipment is operating normally, the customer is completely satisfied with the equipment and its work, as evidenced by the letter of review.