In 2016, representatives of the MPM Motors company, which are engaged in the production of sports cars in the suburbs of Paris, approached us with a request for the reconstruction of the existing painting area. Previously purchased and installed equipment from China suppliers did not meet the high requirements for the quality of the paintwork.
The first stage of the reconstruction was the modernization of the existing painting chamber. We supplied a set of equipment to improve ventilation and air filtration systems, a set of wall and ceiling lamps, as well as service doors. This set of equipment made it possible to create the necessary air exchange and ensure an acceptable air velocity in the working area, at the level of 0.2 m / s, and also significantly improve the quality of air purification in the chamber and lighting in the working area.
The second stage in the reconstruction of the painting area was the development, manufacture and supply of a new painting and drying chamber for automobiles. This chamber has an internal size of 9 x 6 x 4 meters, it is installed on the existing floor of the paint shop without foundation work using a metal podium, which allows you to remove the exhaust air according to the scheme “top-to-bottom”. The whole-grating steel floor provides a straight-line and even distribution of air flows throughout the chamber, which allows to achieve the best quality paintwork on products.
The thermal ventilation group consists of two supply and exhaust thermal ventilation cabinets with electric heat exchangers. Four powerful centrifugal ventilation units, with a capacity of up to 30 thousand cubic meters per hour each, provide a constant and uniform air flow inside the chamber, with an air velocity of at least 0.3 m / s. Electric heat exchangers consume from 22 to 90 kW / h of electricity and heat the entire volume of supplied air to the required delta of 35 °C (“delta” is the difference in air temperature between the inlet to the heat exchanger and the exit to the working area), thus providing optimal conditions for application paints and varnishes at an external temperature of air to -15 °C.
The delivered set of work equipment allowed to increase the productivity of the painting area by more than three times and to ensure the proper quality of the paintwork for automobile production.