The painting chamber for agricultural machinery was manufactured on the order of «Olis» LLC, the largest producer of agricultural machinery, production facilities of which are located in Odessa.
The camera is equipped with a two-level exhaust air filtration system, the first level is cardboard labyrinth filters with high cumulative ability, which trap most of the paint and varnish materials, the second level is fiberglass filters, filter class EU3. In this configuration, the storage capacity increases significantly, and the amount of paint and varnish particles in the discharged air is less by 35-40%, but the main advantage is that the service life of fiberglass filters is increased by 3 times, and the total cost of filter materials of emission is reduced by 30%.
A feature of this camera is the highway, which is integrated into the ceiling structure. A monorail is integrated into the center of the painting chamber in the ceiling, which allows you to suspend painted items in the cabin and freely rotate them around its axis. The maximum permissible load on the monorail is 1,000 kg, but at the buyer’s request the figure may be several times higher and the chamber may be parallel to up to 3 monorails.
The thermal ventilation group of the chamber consists of 2 supply and exhaust cabinets with a capacity of up to 56 m. cube/hour. Air heating is carried out using electric heat exchangers of our own design, the maximum power consumption of each of them reaches 84 kW / h, and in nominal mode, when the air temperature is about 0 ° C, the consumption will be ~ 45 kW / h.