Painting area of AGROCUB LLC

Painting area is

A painting area is a painting complex consisting of several chambers, one of which is painting the other is drying, as well as a preparation post for painting.

The site consists of three production departments, functionally closely interconnected, these are:

  • Department of preparatory work;
  • Painting department;
  • Drying department;


Thanks to the efficient work of the sales department of our company, we got acquainted with the company AGROKUB LLC. During further communication with the management and the technical department of this company, it was found out what equipment for the painting area they need to develop and improve the painting line.

Drawing and equipment for the painting area

All technical aspects, overall dimensions of parts, method of applying paints and varnishes and temperature indicators of production processes of painting and drying were also agreed. It also describes the technological processes of the painting and drying chamber of agricultural machinery, its components, assemblies and devices.

It was important for the customer that the equipment:

  • carried out heating in the spray booth due to a gas burner (on liquefied gas)
  • air ducts for supply and exhaust ventilation, as well as a chimney, must be designed and installed in such a way as not to interfere with the existing crane beam to move along the entire
  • length of the workshop;
  • the camera should be installed on a flat floor, without foundation work;
  • the gate of the camera cabin must have an electric drive and have a remote control;
  • the term of the project with installation and commissioning should be as short as possible.

Painting area

Our designers have developed a model of a diagonal spray booth, that is, air is supplied to the booth through a ceiling plenum in the front of the booth, and is extracted through a wall with a filter at the back of the chambers, diagonally across the room. Heating in the painting and drying booth was carried out using a gas burner from the Italian company Unigas. It was decided to install a gate with an automatic, electric drive and remote control from Alutech on this object, installed outside the spray booth. We have made every effort to squeeze in within a short time frame specified by the customer.

Installation of the painting area

Further, installation and commissioning began. The assembly of this chamber, air duct and chimney line went quickly and smoothly. During installation, there were no significant problems or hiccups, which cannot be said about the commissioning work, which presented several surprises. All systems, components and assemblies of the chamber worked perfectly, except for the gas burner. For normal adjustment of the burner for operation from gas cylinders, and not from the main gas pipeline, representatives of the technical department and an electrical engineer selected the correct industrial reducer with regulation of not only pressure, but also gas flow. By installing this reducer and other components in the gas supply system of the burner, it was achieved: excellent operation of the burner with thermal indicators that were quite satisfactory for us and the customer.

Experience of using the complex

The customer has been using the spray booth for less than six months, and is satisfied with the result. It is especially noticeable in the quality of paint and varnish coatings on parts, improvements in working conditions for workers in the painting area, and a decrease in the time spent on manufacturing finished products in general.