Painting and drying complex for large equipment- Aerotechnics

At the end of 2016, representatives of Aerotechnika contacted us with the task of supplying a spray booth for the products of the Customer. One of the main features of this project is that the thermal ventilation group of the chamber is used as an additional room heater. Thanks to carefully thought-out systems of air channels, gate devices with pneumatic drives and automation, warm air can be redirected from the chamber to the room.

One of the difficulties in implementing this project was the restriction on the height of the room – 4680 mm, and in the chamber it was necessary to ensure the possibility of painting products with a height of up to 4560 mm. To solve this problem, we proposed first of all to create a recess of the platform on which the camera is mounted at -300mm, which in combination with flat wheels on the products allows you to import radar installations that the customer makes into the camera. The distance to the booth of the spray booth and the overlapping of the paint shop was only ~ 50 mm.

This camera has an internal size of 15x6x4.7 m (LxWxH). The thermo-ventilation group of the chamber consists of two powerful supply and exhaust thermo-ventilation cabinets, each of which has one centrifugal double-sided ventilation unit with electric motors of 15 kW for air intake and 11 kW for air exhaust. The productivity of each thermal ventilation cabinet is up to 30,000 cubic meters per hour.

Spray booth has an internal partition that allows you to divide the internal space into 2 equal parts. The entire complex of equipment is controlled through a central control panel with automation and control systems, which allows you to use each of the two halves of the spray booth as a separate independent camera, or to simultaneously heat up the paint shop and work in the camera.

The paint shop has a post for preparing for painting and priming oversized products, which has 2 exhaust ventilation hoods with dry two-level air filtration.