Painting and drying complex at the state enterprise “plant named after Malyshev”

In September of last 2020, following the results of the tender procedure, SE Malyshev Plant and Techservice VEKO & Partner GmbH signed an agreement for the manufacture, supply and installation and commissioning of the Painting and Drying Complex.

According to the terms of the contract, the supplier had to:
1. Perform construction and installation work:
– To carry out construction and preparatory work on the arrangement of floors and floor facilities, underground ventilation ducts for the subsequent installation of a painting and drying chamber.
– Carry out construction and preparatory work on the floor for the subsequent installation of the drying chamber.
– to lay the track, install the traction winch.
– make and install air supply and exhaust air ducts.
2. Manufacture, supply and install equipment:
– “Painting and drying chamber” with overall dimensions (LxWxH) – 11160 x 5660 x 5540 mm.
– “Drying chamber” with overall dimensions (LxWxH) – 9240 x 4740 x 4075 mm. Drying temperature of products in the chamber is 150 С !!! The air is heated using electric heat exchangers.
– “rail transport trolley”, overall dimensions 6000x2300x1100mm, carrying capacity 15000t.


According to the current legislation, a tender was held for the purchase of this equipment. After reviewing the submitted proposals of the tender participants, the customer selected our company Techservice VEKO & Partner GmbH as the winner of the procurement procedure. In the opinion of the customer, our company best of all meets all the requirements for the execution of this order. TWEKO has an integrated and professional approach to project implementation, the enterprise has its own production, and the staff of the enterprise has specialists from the sales department, design and service department, this allows our company to quickly and in the best way solve all technical issues arising during the implementation of such … complex and complex projects


This project is very large-scale, complex and complex, as it includes preparatory construction and installation work and the laying of a rail track and the arrangement of communications, as well as the development and manufacture of complex technological equipment of an individual sample. This is the first drying chamber of our company, which allows drying such huge and heavy products at a temperature of 150C! The implementation of such projects gives the team of our company invaluable experience, thanks to which we can raise the bar of our company’s capabilities higher and higher with each implemented project.

Reliable manufacturer

As the customers of the equipment noted in their letter of recommendation: “All equipment and works were performed in accordance with the terms of reference and tender documentation, therefore, SE Malyshev Plant, as a manufacturer of specialized military equipment, assures that Techservice VEKO and partner GmbH “is a reliable manufacturer of equipment, equipment for painting areas. We can recommend to all enterprises OOO Techservice VEKO and GMBH partner for cooperation. “