At the beginning of July two thousand and eighteen, our company Techservice Veko & Partner GmbH approached RPE Energia 2000 with a request to purchase a dead-end painting and drying chamber with dry filtration.

About company

Research and Production Enterprise “Energy 2000” (Kiev, Ukraine) was founded in 1999 and operates to this day. The company specializes in the development and manufacture of a wide range of simulators for mechanized, tank, artillery, anti-tank and anti-aircraft units. This type of activity has a priority direction in view of the current situation in the east of Ukraine.

Manufacturing process, installation and basic parameters

After drawing up the contract, we also worked through the wishes, recommendations from the customer and proceeded to fulfill the order. The camera was manufactured and installed on time in accordance with the contract. The peculiarity of this chamber was that this painting and drying complex has thick-film electric air heating units – 30 pcs. The total power consumption of the camera is up to 60 kWh. The camera was located outdoors (outdoors) and installed on a specially prepared flat floor. The working area of ​​this camera is 4,000 * 4,000 * 3,000 mm with external dimensions of 6,260 * 4,160 * 3,480 mm. Maximum air heating temperature – up to 80 ° С


The painting and drying chamber of Energiya 2000 RPE operates in accordance with the specified characteristics, parameters and is now performing its intended purpose. Enterprise “Energia 2000” is also pleased with the results of our cooperation, as evidenced by the positive feedback, which you can find below.

If you have a need to purchase this equipment, we invite you to our production, which is located at the address: Kiev, Almaty street 8.