Paint area of Zaporizhy Casting and Mechanical Plant

In 2018, the sales department of our company received a request for a painting and drying chamber and an abrasive blasting chamber from representatives of ZLMZ LLC. In the course of negotiations, lasting a year, we, together with ZLMZ, formed the terms of reference and drew up a detailed plan for the construction of the painting area as a whole. To implement this project, it was necessary, first of all, to carry out work on the design of a new painting area at the enterprise, to coordinate the project with local authorities, to conduct an environmental impact assessment, while observing the strictest fire safety rules…

The next stage after the design was the implementation of construction and installation work – it was necessary to dismantle a concrete base up to 1.5 meters deep, and then equip a foundation slab for installing equipment with built-in technological pits for ventilation and equipment operation, a rail track for supplying products to the working areas of the chambers…

The painting area of ​​production is a rather energy-intensive area. Since to ensure high productivity and safe working conditions, it is required to provide a colossal airflow in the painting chamber – up to 100,000 cubic meters/hour, while heating the air to a delta of 35 ° C in painting mode and up to + 80 ° C in drying mode – such a spray booth, with electric air heating, consumes up to 500 kW/h of electricity. The abrasive blasting chamber consumes up to 12 cubic meters/min, 8 atm, compressed air while consuming up to 50 kW of electricity per hour. The total energy consumption of the painting area reaches 700 kW/h. Naturally, to provide such a volume of electricity, it was necessary to lay a separate power transmission line from the TP, with a length of 240 meters, and this was also included in the scope of work performed by our company within the framework of this project.

The scope of delivery of the equipment included: a painting and drying chamber, an abrasive blasting chamber, two self-propelled rail carts, abrasive blasting machines, airless high-pressure painting machines, a compressor room with receivers and air dryers, a set of lifting-mobile platforms for painting large-sized items, a cabin for storage and making paints…

A painting and drying chamber and a dead-end type abrasive blasting chamber are located outside the main production area, adjoining it with a front wall with a gate. Both chambers have an internal size of 16180x6000x5500 millimeters, and together with rail trolleys, they can efficiently handle products with dimensions up to 15000x4000x5000 millimeters and weighing up to 20 tons! Both chambers have excellent energy efficiency, as they are hermetically sealed and made of sandwich panels with a fireproof filler – mineral wool, 100 mm thick. The spray booth has three rows of sealed energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures that provide at least 800 lux of illumination inside the cab, which allows for the best possible paint application on a wide variety of products.

A set of lifting-mobile platforms built into the spray booth allow operators to move quickly inside the booth and handle products up to 6 meters high. The platforms move in three directions – along the entire length along the walls of the chamber, along the entire height of the chamber, as well as from the wall at a distance of up to 1500mm. The platforms are driven by compressed air, which makes them explosion-proof and can be used in a spray booth environment.

The abrasive blasting chamber (KASO) has a system for the automatic collection and regeneration of shots and debris. The scraper floor system is responsible for collection and transportation, which consists of five longitudinal and one transverse line, which moves the shot to the elevator pit with synchronous translational movements. Further, the elevator raises the shot to a height of 7 meters, from where it enters the drum-type separator. In the separator, the shot is sifted and cleaned of large contaminating particles, and fine dust is removed through the dust extraction channels to the filter unit. After passing through the separator, the shot automatically enters the storage hopper in which the abrasive blasting machines are arranged. Thus, the abrasive blasting chamber provides a fully automatic collection, regeneration, and supply of shots for reuse – a closed cycle. The dust removal system is responsible for ensuring safe and comfortable working conditions in KASO, which is represented by two highly efficient filter and ventilation units FVU-18, they promptly remove the dusty gas-air mixture from the chamber, filter it and release it into the atmosphere.

The compressor station is represented by a high-performance screw compressor Remeza VK120, with a productivity of up to 16,000 liters per minute at 8 atmospheres of pressure, and effective installation with an air dryer – freezer, 4 compressed air receivers with a volume of up to 1000 liters each.

The set of equipment includes the Wiwa Airless 140032 RS/F Phoe Airless Painting Machine, the CLEMCO SCWB Shot Blasting Machine – 2452, 200 liters. with a full set of operator’s suit and personal protective equipment. And to ensure fire safety, the painting area is equipped with an automatic powder fire extinguishing system, fire alarm, and its connection to local fire extinguishing services.

Probably, the production of equipment was not the most difficult in the implementation of this project, it was much more difficult to correctly draw up the terms of reference, carry out the design, design development, coordinate all the processes and stages of implementation: construction, laying communications, fire safety… At the same time, observing the strictest security rules labor that operates at the enterprise LLC “ZLMZ”, PJSC “Zaporizhstal” and throughout the Metinvest Holding. And also find reliable contractors, coordinate and organize their work, plan everything and invest in the schedule.

This project gave our company invaluable experience in the implementation of a difficult and complex object, moreover, for one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine – Metinvest Holding! The implementation of such a project once again confirms the ability of our company to create and implement the most complex technological complexes for the painting department of any, even the most demanding Customer.