Last year, 2020, we were approached by the customer Kharkiv Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering named O.O. Morozov with a request to purchase a painting and drying booth (FSK) for painting military equipment and metal structures of its own production. State Enterprise Kharkov Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering named after A.A. Morozov (SE “KMDB”) is part of the state concern “Ukroboronprom” and is a leading developer and manufacturer of armored vehicles in Ukraine.


  • development of heavy tracked vehicles (tanks, heavy infantry fighting vehicles, engineering and recovery vehicles);
  • development of wheeled vehicles 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, multi-purpose chassis 10×10;
  • development and production of complex and tactical simulators on dynamic platforms for any types of armored vehicles;
  • development and production of remotely controlled combat modules with weapons of caliber from 7.62 mm to 30 mm;
  • serial production of BTR-4E armored personnel carriers and vehicles based on them.

Also civilian products and research activities:

Special machines;
Hydraulic equipment;
Equipment for non-ferrous metallurgy;
Equipment for the fuel and energy complex;
Computational studies, volumetric hydraulic drives,
Stands for testing power plants,
Manufacturing of folding parts.

According to the terms of reference, the project included:

Painting and drying chamber with drying temperature up to 90C;
Spare parts kit – spare parts, tools and accessories for FGC for 2 years of operation;
Rail transport trolley on cable traction with built-in tilting device;
Foundation slab with built-in underground air ducts;
Laying of air ducts for FGC;
Connection of energy carriers to FGC;
Installation, commissioning, training of the customer’s personnel and painting of test parts.
Rack-and-pinion rope-drawn transport trolley (RTK)

RTK with a built-in tilting device for moving products into the chamber. The rack-and-pinion transport trolley on a cable traction (hereinafter referred to as the “trolley”) is designed to move products between the working areas of the paint department.

The trolley is a simple, reliable option for delivering parts for processing to industrial paint and sand/shot blast rooms. All electrical installations are removed from premises with an explosive or flammable environment, which allows the use of this type of trolley in category A premises.

Painting and drying chamber

FSK with dry filters is designed for preparation, painting and subsequent drying of surfaces of various products of the plant. The chamber operation processes meet all the demanding requirements for labor protection of workers during painting. The application of the paintwork is carried out by pneumatic manual spraying. Drying of a paint and varnish covering is made at a temperature of 90C!! FGC works on the principle of “dry” filtration of the supplied air using coarse and fine filters made of synthetic materials. This is exactly what the customer needs. The painting and drying chamber consists of a cabin, heat-ventilation units, filters for air purification from harmful impurities, a lighting system, a control panel and other parts.


Coloring mode

During the painting process, the air passes through the air intake valve, then enters the pre-filter, then follows through the tidal fan, passes through the heat exchanger, where it is heated, and from there through the ceiling fine filter enters the camera cabin. The air containing paint mist particles is filtered through the floor filter, passes through the ejection damper and is discharged outside with the help of an exhaust fan. The recirculation gate is closed at this time.

Drying principle

The chamber works on the principle of circulation with the partial addition of “fresh” air and dry filtration. The drying mode works offline: the operator needs to set the required drying holding time and temperature. The mode consists of three cycles:

  • Purge cycle
  • Drying cycle
  • Refrigeration cycle

3. Refrigeration cycle

This cycle is necessary to cool the dried product and the heat exchanger unit. After the end of the cycle, the camera automatically stops and goes into standby mode.


PARAMETERS Unit of measure Quantity
Dimensions of the working area mm 12,000 x 6,000 x 5,500
External dimensions mm 12,200 x 8,960 x 6,740
Entrance sectional gate mm 500 x 5000
Service door mm 2 040*950
Supply air handling unit Type ADH
with electric motor AIR 160S4 kW rpm 15/1500
Heater – ceramic-metal heating element kol. 120
Temperature in the middle of the chamber °С Up to 100
Maximum power consumption of lighting kW 2
Lighting Lumens 6500
Power supply V/Hz 380/50
Total power input kW 230
Sound intensity inside the chamber dB 65
Sound intensity from outside the chamber dB 70