Modernization the painting area Autotechservice LLC

In the fall of 2018, our old friend, Avtotechservice LLC, contacted us with the need to modernization the painting area of ​​the car service. The company is located in Kharkov and is engaged in the repair and maintenance of cars. In connection with the expansion of the service station, a decision was made to purchase an additional spray painting and drying booth, the internal dimensions of which are 7x4x2.7 meters. To heat the air in the chamber, a diesel burner with a stainless steel heat exchanger will be used. A high-quality Italian-made diesel burner creates optimal conditions for painting and drying the paintwork. To improve logistics processes and optimize the use of the working area of ​​the car service, it was also decided to move and reconstruct the existing camera, which was also purchased 10 years ago from Techservice VECO and partner GmbH.

Why Techservice Veko?

Avtotekhservis LLC carefully studied the available offers on the spray booth market and chose us because we have:

  1. a rich experience
  2. own design department
  3. own production
  4. we use reliable components
  5. own service department

Modernize the painting areaGiven that our designers have been working in this industry for more than a year, the company can guarantee the customer the proper quality of the product even at the development stage. TVEKO spray booths, subject to the appropriate operating recommendations, will last a very long time.


PARAMETERS Unit Quantity
Internal dimensions mm 7,000х4,000х2,770
External dimensions mm 7,100х4,050х3,220
Entrance swing gates mm 3,800х2,600
Supply ventilation unit Type BRV-18
with electric motor AIR 132M6 132M6 kW 7,5/1000
Air handling unit capacity m3/h 23,000
Exhaust air handling Type BRV-18
With electric motor AIR 132S6 kW rpm 5,5/1000
Air handling unit capacity m3/h 23’000
Temperature inside the chamber °С До 80
Lighting power supply V/Hz 220/50
Power supply V/Hz 380/50
Total power input kW 15
Weight of camera equipment kg 2200


Result of Modernization the painting area

We knew Autotechservice LLC ten years ago, and the development of a new painting and drying chamber and the relocation and reconstruction of an existing chamber on the territory of the enterprise did not cause any complications. So, after agreeing on all the working moments, the necessary equipment was manufactured and delivered to Autotechservice LLC. Subsequently, they were mounted, commissioned and instructed on use for responsible persons. The customer is fully satisfied and recommends our company for cooperation!

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