The modernization of the painting chamber for the for agricultural machinery in order to equip the active floor begins with our designers calculating the size of the air ducts of the floor, or what depth to make a pit for a particular configuration of the painting chamber. Due to these calculations, a technical task is drawn up, which indicates what the exhaust channels should be, their shape and depth. We also calculate the cross-section of the air ducts. Sometimes the existing ducts before modernization are not enough for the productive work of the new active floor. Calculated power and performance exhaust hood, which is already available, namely whether it will cope with its new tasks.
Every floor modernization is made individually for the customer. We take into account all the nuances in the production of this type of exhaust hood, such as:
• The number, depth and location of the exhaust ducts (if large objects are placed in your painting chamber that are located in the center of the chamber, then a design with two exhaust ducts on the sides of the chamber is suitable for you, and if you have many parts located throughout the chamber, then you’ll need more a shallow pit which will work across the entire area of your active floor);
• The direction of the floor grates (the direction of the grates plays an important role, if trolleys or supports with small wheels are used in your painting chamber, they can get stuck in the grate, respectively, the direction of the grate should be perpendicular to the route of the trolley);
• Additional exhaust equipment or modernization of the existing one (in order for your active floor to work as expected, it will need an exhaust system that can extract paint particles and spray mist from a large surface of floor filters, it will also be necessary to overcome the resistance of these filters);
• Additional supply equipment or modernization of the existing one (by making the active floor of the painting chamber we also take into account the fact that the extraction of your chamber becomes more and more productive, and at the same time it is not possible to leave the dispensing equipment the same, because the pressure in your chamber will be insufficient. In order to stabilize the pressure and improve the frequency of air exchange, we replace the intake fan and, if necessary, the inlet cabinet engine).
• The active paint floor allows you to remove fog from paint materials such as paint, primer, varnish, etc. The main objective of this design is not to allow the fog to rise up to the respiratory tract of the painter, but to be immediately absorbed into the active floor. This allows you to make the paint coating better and cleaner. Working conditions of the painter become safer and this allows him to work much more efficiently.
With the modernization of the floor of your paint chamber, you get an extraction hood which will provide you with safe working conditions and better work quality.
The active paint floor can be used as a hood for the painting chamber in your garage. You get a hood that will not be inferior to a professional hood in the spray booth for a small cost. To do this, just need to calculate the fresh air plenum that will deliver air in a painting chamber in your garage and air changes in the chamber, which you would like to have.