To improve the quality of painting and reduce the timing of finished products, «VERTYKAL» scientific and production association and the «TWEKO» plant developed and manufactured a mobile spray booth for painting complex large-sized metal structures with the proper quality of paintwork.
The peculiarity of the project on creation of the camera in this series has become a transforming working area – chamber cabin. The supply and exhaust thermo-ventilation group is mounted permanently on the foundation, and the chamber cabin is in the folded position (when it is not necessary) and moves apart after the product has been placed for applying the paintwork.
Difficulties for the realization of the project implementation has added two camera modes – «painting» and «drying». As an enclosing structure applied flame retardant fabric with a silicone coating that resists high thermal and mechanical loads.
The sliding cabin of the chamber when folded occupies 1850 mm in length, while in the unfolded state the working area is 15180 x 5000 x 5000 mm. The appearance of the transformed painting and drying chamber for the enterprise has reduced the time available for painting works – from 2 – 3 days (each layer paint had to dry naturally) to 1-night shift (up to 8 hours).