An exhaust system for painting with dry filtration was designed and manufactured for the equipment of the paint section at a furniture factory in the Ukrainka city, Kyiv region, in the fall of 2014.

The exhaust system for painting is designed to create acceptable conditions in the room when applying paintwork on all kinds of furniture products. The paint booth provides the extraction of air polluted by paint and varnish vapors from the room, its cleaning, and emission into the atmosphere.

The fume hood for painting is a metal frame made of profile pipes and corners sheathed with a sheet with a polymer coating of powder type. In the front part of the painting chamber there are two filter frames with dimensions 2500×1000mm each, together with catchers of the fume hood for painting it provides a drawing zone with dimensions 3000×2000mm.

The ventilation installation of the fume hood for painting is a powerful centrifugal fan with a productivity of 10,000 m3, with an electric motor of 2.2 kW / 1000 rpm. To minimize noise and buzz in the painting room, the fan installation is located on the street, on the wall of the room, it has a special vibration-damping frame.

The filtration system in this fume hood for painting is two-level: the first level is a cardboard labyrinth filter, the second level is a fiberglass filter, you can read more about it in the product section of our company – a fume hood for painting.