The importer of high-quality paints and varnishes ordered equipment from us to equip the laboratory (kitchen) for the preparation of paints and varnishes. In this laboratory, a set of equipment will be placed including two fume extractors and two paint stands. The paint stand is a metal frame cabinet made of profile tubes and corners sheathed with metal sheet. The paint stand has a protective shockproof coating. A rotary table is located in the front of the stand, which allows you to conveniently and quickly paint the entire product. A filter cartridge with an ejection filter is located above the turntable, it is made easily removable, which allows you to quickly replace the filter material.

The fume extractor for painting is a trapezoidal box made of galvanized steel that traps, performs cleaning and emits paintwork materials into the atmosphere, which are formed by mixing paintwork materials. In the front part, the fume extractor is protected by a metal grid to prevent large objects from entering it. Each paint stand and fume extractor are connected by ejection ducts in one line, and each of them has its own gate valve, which allows you to adjust the air flow. Outside the premises there is an exhaust ventilation unit with an electric motor, the maximum productivity is 10,000 m3 / h, so the whole system works from one ventilation unit, which saved a significant part of the money.