Green painting and drying chamber

At the beginning of 2020, we were approached by the company PE PKP “Eurostal-Komsomolsk”, which is located in the town of Gorishnye Plavni, Poltava region, to supply equipment to the painting site of its production. The reason for choosing our company was that we have been working in the equipment market for more than 25 years, we have many customers who manufacture such equipment, as well as the availability of quality service support.

Green painting and drying chamber

This customer needed a drying and drying chamber with dry filtration, industrial type, electric heat exchanger, automatic gates with remote control, and most importantly – the color of the camera should be exclusive (green), according to the corporate style of the customer.

Unique design and color of the camera

Our specialists from the design department developed a painting and drying chamber, directly for this customer, with installation on a flat floor, a hood in the end wall and a supply ceiling plenum at the beginning of the chamber. This arrangement of clean air supply and exhaust air allows you to paint large products and three-dimensional metal structures as efficiently and quickly. The overall dimensions of the working area of ​​the camera cabin are 9000x5000x5000 mm. The electric heat exchanger used by our designers at this facility was designed to give off the maximum amount of heat, for quick access to the specified temperature modes of painting and drying. This solution allows our customer to maximize the production of quality finished products.


After concluding a contract for the manufacture and supply of equipment, our production began to manufacture this order. Production times were as short as ever, so we had to work even on weekends. The head of production made every effort to ship the painting and drying chamber within the period specified in the contract for the manufacture and supply of equipment.

Installation for commissioning

After the equipment was shipped, work began on assembling the painting and drying chamber on the customer’s territory. During the installation process, the most difficult thing was to connect the camera cabin with the existing room, but our installation team did the job perfectly. It was decided by the customer to produce air supply and exhaust air ducts independently, involving a contractor. The rest of the installations were carried out without delay. After installation, commissioning and training of personnel on the operation and maintenance of equipment were carried out.

The camera is currently working normally!