The fume filtration stand will be used in the manufacture of buttons, in Kyiv city, at the LLC «Mabo» enterprise. The filtration stand is a metal cabinet from profile corners and pipes sheathed by a sheet. An exhaust stand itself has overall dimensions of 1800×1000×1000h, and the extraction zone has a size of 1000×800h. An exhaust and filtration zone is equipped with limiters for catching paint mist. The exhaust air filtration system in this paint booth is two-stages. The first stage of cleaning is a cardboard labyrinth filter, it captures most of the paint vapor and prevents direct contact of paint on the fiberglass filter, preventing its premature contamination. A second level is a fiberglass filter having a degree of purification of 95%, filtration class EU3. Ejection filters are mounted in special cabinet frames, they have excellent peripheral sealing and are easily removable. The extraction zone has a table with a swivel stand, with a diameter of 500 mm.
A rotating platform of the fume filtration stand optimizes the painting process, and productivity becomes much better. High-quality ventilation of the exhaust stand is achieved with the help of a powerful, centrifugal fan with an electric motor. They are mounted on a special, vibration-damping frame. The productivity of the exhaust extraction stand fan is 2500 m3/h.