The dry filtering painting booth was created for the painting area in Color Studio “Farbiya” in Kyiv. This painting booth will be used when testing paints and creating exhibition samples for the studio.

The painting booth is a metal frame cabinet made of profile pipes and corners sheathed by a sheet, it has a protective paint coating. Also, the paint booth is equipped with a rotary table, providing maximum convenience in the process of creating exhibition designs. A powerful ventilation unit of the paint booth with an electric motor provides constant and uniform airflow, the productivity is 1500 m3/hour.

In front of the booth, there is a filter cartridge with an ejection filter, it is made easily removable, which allows you to quickly replace the filter material. Metal limiters are mounted in front of the filter cartridge, which minimizes the possibility of spraying paint materials throughout the room and direct them to the filter. Above the filter cartridge of the paint booth, there is a dual lamp that allows you to best assess the quality of the paintwork.