Painting and blasting chambers for Azovtekhgaz

At the end of February 2020, we received a request for a set of equipment including a painting and blasting booth for metal structures. The production base of the customer’s company is located in the city of Mariupol, Donetsk region. Thanks to a lucky coincidence, our specialists were nearby, in the city of Zaporozhye, promptly responded to the request and went to the customer’s site.
The customer company Azovtekhgaz LLC is engaged in the supply of technical gases, gas mixtures and gas welding equipment, as well as in construction and installation works in various areas of industrial construction. The maximum overall size of products to be processed in chambers is 12x3x3m. Shot-blasting and painting chambers will improve the quality of the paintwork of all metal products manufactured by the company.
The spray booth has two main modes of operation – painting and drying, with operating temperatures of 18-24 C and 20-70 C, respectively. The passage-type chamber has an internal size of 15x5x5m, two sets of sectional doors with an automatic drive are installed in the end walls. The air is heated using three high-performance gas burners, each with a power of up to 350 kW, and stainless steel heat exchangers, designed and manufactured by our company specifically for spray booths. Two side and two ceiling rows of high-performance four-lamp LED luminaires are responsible for lighting in the spray booth, while the illumination level inside the booth is at least 900 lux.


The main feature of this spray booth model is that it has the ability to work in zones. Three separate thermo-ventilation cabinets, in combination with a specially developed automation and control system, allow you to turn on and operate each zone separately from the rest. Thus, the camera has three zones 5x5x5m, and when painting oversized products, camera operators can use only one or two of the zones. Automation and control systems in this design are three times larger, more expensive and more complex than usual, but due to this, when operating the camera, the costs of electricity and natural gas are significantly reduced!
The abrasive blasting chamber has an internal size similar to the spray booth – 15x5x5m. The chamber has a sealed cabin made in the form of a prefabricated steel structure with sandwich panels. The inside of the cab is lined with an elastic soft material that protects the steel structures of the cab from damage by ricochet shots. The camera is illuminated by two rows of ceiling, located at an angle of 45 °, four-lamp LED luminaires, protected from possible mechanical damage by ricocheting shot. The chamber quickly and effectively cleans the dusty air that forms during the cleaning process; for this, it is equipped with a FVU-30 filter ventilation unit. FVU-30 is one of the models of filtering units developed by our company, it has a productivity of 30,000 cubic meters per hour, 30 cylindrical dust filters and an automatic filter cleaning system.
The blast chamber is equipped with systems for automatic collection and regeneration of abrasive material, dust and debris removal. There are special pits in the foundation of the chamber, which are covered with steel gratings. Shot and debris generated during cleaning is poured into these pits. During operation, they are automatically collected by scrapers and directed to the bucket conveyor pit. The scraper floor is driven by reliable electric drives, which guarantees a long and trouble-free operation of the entire system. After that, the shot that got into the pit of the bucket conveyor rises and goes to the shot regeneration unit – a vibration-type separator. The vibrating separator automatically separates the incoming material into three parts: the debris and impurities are discharged into the debris tank, the dust is discharged to the filtration unit, and the recyclable beads are automatically returned to the shot blasting machine. Thus, in the abrasive blasting chamber, a closed cycle of shot movement is created, while the collection and regeneration of the shot is carried out in a fully automatic mode. All parts and assemblies of the abrasive blasting chamber – FVU, scraper floor, bucket conveyor, vibratory separator are developed by our company specifically for use in abrasive blast chambers, are manufactured at our own production site in Kiev and have an increased degree of reliability and effective protection from damage.