The dimensions of the paint booth are designed in such a way that two freight cars or one passenger carriage can be painted in it at the same time and are 32000×6600×6000h mm, and each half of the booth can work independently of each other, in one of them the train can be painted and dried in the other.
The coloring of cars in this chamber can be carried out in a pneumatic, airless or electrostatic way.


Especially for this paint booth, a unique heating system for the supplied air was developed and implemented, it can use both electricity and diesel as an energy source. This system makes it possible in the summer to cost a small amount of electricity, and in the winter to add diesel to it to reach the required temperature.
The painting and drying chamber is mounted on a flat floor, and the exhaust air ducts are arranged in the lower part of the side walls of the chamber. This design is caused by the need for the Customer to transfer the booth in the future, this made it possible not to equip the foundation base with air ducts for the chamber.


The booth cabin has an internal size of 32000x6600x6000h mm and protects the paint zone from environmental influences, prevents dust from entering the painted surface and performs a heat-insulating function. The cabin consists of:
● The walls and the ceiling are made of sandwich panels with fireproof filler, a thickness of 80 mm and a galvanic two-layer polymer coating, which is composed of a zinc sheet 275 g / m2 thick and a 0.55 mm thick lacquer-polymer coat. The panels are resistant to high temperatures (up to 180 ° C) and to high levels of humidity, which makes it possible to use the camera outdoors.
● The suspended plenum ceiling cleans and evenly distributes heated air throughout the chamber. It is made of profile metal pipes and angles on which ceiling filters are made of non-flammable material. High-quality air filtration is ensured by specially designed filter frames that have excellent peripheral sealing. Ceiling frames are designed and manufactured easily removable, which makes it possible to make quick filter changes.
● A set of floor gratings with ejection filter cartridges for trapping paint mist and other suspended particles in the air that are ejected from the chamber. Discharge filter cartridges are located in the lower part of the side walls of the chamber; exhaust ducts are arranged along these walls.
● Sealed gates with dimensions 4000×4700 have viewing windows. Sectional doors are made of heat-insulating material and have excellent sealing. The painting and drying chamber has three airtight and insulated service doors for the passage of personnel.
● The illumination of the paint booth consists of two upper, located at an angle of 45° to the ceiling, and two side rows of fluorescent lamps that provide a level of illumination in the chamber of at least 1000 lux, which makes it possible to best assess the quality of the application of paint and varnish products. The luminaires have a degree of protection IP65 (water and dust protected).

2. The thermal ventilation group consists of four inlet and two exhaust thermal ventilation hoods (TVC). They provide preliminary cleaning, heating and supply of clean air, and then cleaning and exhaust air. The temperature is set by the operator in the range of 16-24 ° C in the painting mode and 20-70 ° C in the drying mode. Air exchange is fixed at a level of at least 200 and 50 times per hour in the painting and drying mode, respectively, due to which high-quality blowing and drying of the painted product are ensured, and acceptable conditions for the operator to work during painting are achieved (comply with EU labor protection standards). Each TVC consists of:
● Powerful centrifugal fan with electric motor, air capacity up to 40 thousand m3 / h.
● A vortex-type heat exchanger with thick-film metal-ceramic electric heaters was used as a heat generator. This heat exchanger is designed and manufactured by our company specifically for paint booths, it has a special design that allows you to remove the maximum heat from the surface of thick-film electric heaters (which in themselves is an innovative development of our Ukrainian partner, they are 40% more efficient than conventional tubular electric heaters). In addition, the use of our electric heat exchanger, at the current cost of natural gas in Ukraine, is more profitable than a heat exchanger with a gas burner!
● Gate valves for air supply, discharge and recirculation. They open and close with the help of electric drives, and they are controlled by a control panel with automation and control systems.
● Pocket-type prefilter purifies the air before feeding it into the plenum suspended ceiling.

3. The control panel with automation and control systems consists of a set of sensors for monitoring pressure, air flow, temperature, different meters and regulators, etc., which are coordinated with each other and control all nodes of the paint booth. In addition, this control panel is equipped with frequency converters that regulate the frequency of rotation of electric motors, and at the same time, the air flow in the chamber.