In 2015, we received a request for the development of a complex of equipment for painting and shot blasting cleaning of large-sized metal products. The complex should provide a full cycle of work on preparing products for painting – cleaning from scale, rust and other contaminants, followed by applying and drying the paintwork. We proposed to equip the painting area with an abrasive blasting chamber with systems for automatic collection, regeneration of shots and dust removals such as a filtering and ventilation unit.
In the process of manufacturing, the technical task for the complex of equipment for painting was also supplemented by the need to move products between the chambers, as well as to lift the products in the chambers for painting the bottom. To meet this request, we have developed and manufactured self-propelled rail trolleys with a built-in hydraulic lift. Rail trolleys have an overall size of 6×2 m and allow you to move products weighing up to 10 tons between the painting, drying and shot blasting chambers. As trolleys are used in the painting area they are explosion-proof and are driven by a low-voltage gear motor powered by built-in rechargeable batteries. Two out of five bogies have hydraulic lifts built-in, which allow you to lift the product to a height of 2 meters so that the operator can paint the bottom of the products.
The abrasive blasting chamber has internal dimensions of 12.5x6x5 m, the cabin is made of a steel framework with galvanized steel panels, on the inner side is coated with a protective rubber sheet which prevents the ricochet of the shot in the operator during cleaning, and the deformation of the chamber. The fraction collection system is implemented as an automatic scraper floor, which collects the fraction over the entire area of the chamber and supplies it to the fraction regeneration system. The regeneration system first raises the shot with the bucket elevator to a height of up to 6 meters, and then purifies it from large particles and dust which are not suitable for further use, and then supplies the purified shot to the bunker storage device which is connected to the shot blasting machine. The enclosure is thus provided with a closed fraction cycle, thereby significantly increasing the blast cleaning efficiency.
The painting chamber has internal dimensions of 12x6x5 m, and the drying chamber of – 10х4х4.3 m, which makes it possible to apply high-quality paint coating to the products and to dry them effectively, with minimal energy input. The drying chamber has two thermal ventilation cabinets with high-efficiency ventilation units, productivity up to 25,000 m³ each, air heating is carried out with the aid of electric heat exchangers, the total power consumed is 45-135 kW/h. The painting chamber has two inlet thermal ventilation cabinets and one dual exhaust ventilation cabinet, which provide an air flow of 70,000 m³ / h. Air heating is performed using two electric heat exchangers, the total energy consumption is 60-180 kW/h. Both chambers are equipped with multi-level filtration air treatment systems (cleaning class EU5), which, together with the supply and heating systems, provide intensive and uniform blowing of products, with clean, heated air to a predetermined temperature, which creates an optimal microclimate for applying and drying paintwork coverings inside the chambers.