Chamber for applying protective coatings for SE “CB” South “

In 2018, representatives of the SE “Design Bureau“ Yuzhnoye im. N.K. Yangelya, “with a request for a camera for applying protective coatings to the shells of rockets manufactured by the enterprise. To implement such a project for us is a significant stage in the development of the company and a great honor, therefore we have made every effort to become a winner in this tender and supply the highest quality equipment.
This chamber has an internal size of 10x4x4 meters. It is installed on a foundation foundation with underground air ducts. The cabin chamber is of a dead-end type, has three-wing swing type gates, the opening of the gate is 3.6×3.6 m. The cabin and thermal ventilation cabinets are fully made in white, according to customer requirements.
The thermal ventilation group consists of two forced-air ventilation cabinets, and one double fume hood with an activated carbon filter block. High-performance centrifugal ventilation units manufactured by Nicotra Gebhardt, Italy are used in TVS. 2 WUs operate for air supply and 2 for exhaust, each productivity is 25,000 m3 / h, due to which a constant, descending, air flow is created in the chamber at a speed of at least 0.25 m / s.
The air in the chamber is heated by two powerful electric heat exchangers with thick-film metal-ceramic heaters of their own production. Heat exchangers have a special design, designed specifically for use in spray booths, with a large air flow, due to which, at relatively low rates of energy consumption – from 30 to 90 kW / h, they heat up a very large amount of air – 25,000 m3 / h to the delta 40 ° C. In addition, the smooth regulation of the heating power and precise temperature control make it possible to ensure a low temperature difference of ± 5 ° C in the operation of the chamber. Thanks to powerful heat exchangers, the chamber can easily provide the necessary operating temperatures – coating 20 ° C with a temperature difference of ± 4 ° C, and in the drying mode 60 ° C with a temperature difference of ± 5 ° C.
This object is a matter of pride for our company. We are pleased to be a supplier to the SE “CB” South them. N.K. Yangel ‘, as well as the fact that our equipment is involved in the creation of space rocket technology.