Freestanding painting and drying chamber for trucks and vans designed and manufactured by us for Bosch service in the city of Bila Tserkva, the Kyiv region.
Since the chamber is located in the open air, outdoors, the sandwich panels of the chamber cabin and thermal ventilation group have improved thermal insulation, their thickness is 100 mm, as well as additional hydraulic protection and improved sealing of all camera components. The internal size of the camera is 8100x4500x3500, which allows you to paint both cars and vans. The ceiling plenum has a size of 8000x4000x500, the area of the ceiling filter material is 32 m². The lighting in the chamber is two-level, consists of two upper rows located at an angle of 45º to the ceiling, and two side rows of sealed fluorescent lamps.
The thermal ventilation group of the painting and drying chamber will consist of one, combined – supply and exhaust, thermal ventilation cabinet (TVC). TVC will be located at the back of the chamber cabin. The air handling unit capacity will be 26,000 m3/h, an electric motor with a capacity of 15 kW at 1,500 rpm. TVС provides an air exchange rate of at least 200 times/hour in the painting mode and at least 50 times/hour in the drying mode, which ensures uniform blowing and quick drying of the painted product, as well as acceptable conditions for the operator to work during painting (comply with EU labor protection standards). TVС has three gate devices: a supply, discharge and recirculation gate, which direct air flows in accordance with the selected chamber operation mode. The thermal ventilation cabinet uses a heat exchanger made of heat-resistant steel with a diesel burner with thermal power of 300 kW as a heat-generating installation.
The control panel (СР) with automation and control systems sets the modes and algorithms of the equipment: painting-blowing-drying. Management of all chamber nodes is carried out using one central CP, it controls and coordinates the operation of all camera nodes for trucks.