Painting complex designed for applying and drying paintwork on the surface of parts and components of agricultural machinery. This complex was developed and manufactured by us specifically for Belotserkovmaz LLC, in 2013.
Initially, it was assumed that the complex would consist of four chambers arranged sequentially, one after the other, two chambers are intended for applying a protective paint and varnish coating, and two for drying it, but the second stage of creation, namely the creation of the third and fourth chambers, was transferred to a later one term, and then in the country, another crisis came.

1. Design and principle of operation
1.1. The chamber of the complex is made of metal insulating sandwich panels with fireproof filler, and a galvanic two-layer polymer coating, consisting of a zinc layer 275 mg / m2 thick. The panels are resistant to high temperatures (up to 180 °C). The chamber has two working zones: 1 ventilation zone and 2-zone of final drying. The zones have one common wall in which sliding doors are mounted for direct placement of products in the dryer from the ventilation zone and three-wing swing gates in each zone of the complex.
1.2. The lighting of the ventilation zone of the complex consists of six hermetic fluorescent lamps mounted on the ceiling structure. The lighting of the drying zone consists of four ceiling dual fluorescent lamps, which are mounted on the ceiling of the drying zone.
1.3. Ceiling filters made of non-combustible material. High-quality air filtration is ensured by specially designed filter frames that have excellent peripheral sealing. Ceiling frames are designed and manufactured easily removable, which makes it possible to make quick filter changes.
1.4. A fume hood with dry filters is located in the center of the right wall-ventilation zone and is designed as a separate unit installed inside the cabin. The FH provides the removal of exhaust air from the ventilation zone, with the help of an axial fan and its cleaning from the remnants of paints and varnishes by filtering with two degrees of filters: I – a labyrinth type cardboard filter, II – synthetic fibreglass filter. The air from the drying zone is removed by the ventilation unit, it is mounted outside the room on a special site, using air channels (air ducts are not included in the delivery package).
1.5. Thermo-ventilation cabinet (TVC), located on the back of the complex. Each TVC is equipped with a centrifugal fan with a constant air flow, which provides sufficient air exchange in each working area during the operation of the complex to ensure maximum safety of personnel.
The TVС in the painting chamber provides air intake from the atmosphere and its purification using pocket filters, air is heated to a predetermined temperature using a heat exchanger made of heat-resistant steel and a diesel burner, and its subsequent supply through the space and fine filters installed in ceiling structures in the chamber of the complex.
The drying chamber (DCH) provides air circulation inside the drying zone. Air heating is carried out using a heat exchanger with metal-ceramic thick-film heaters.
The air temperature at the outlet of each heat exchanger is controlled by a temperature sensor, which turns off the heating if this temperature reaches 105 ± 5 °C.