The painting area of the parquet manufacturing plant is equipped with two paint stands with a dry, two-level filtration system. This set of equipment was developed and created by the specialists of our enterprise for Art Wood in Kyiv.

The paint stand is designed to create acceptable indoor conditions when applying paintwork on all kinds of flooring or other products. The paint stand ensures the extraction of air polluted by paint and varnish vapors from the room, its cleaning, and discharge into the atmosphere.

The paint stand is a metal frame made of profile pipes and corners sheathed with a sheet with a polymer coating of powder type. In the front part of the painting cabinet there are two filter frames, each 2500×1000 mm in size. The ventilation unit of the paint booth is a powerful centrifugal fan, with a productivity of 10,000 m3, with an electric motor of 2.2 kW / 1000 rpm. To minimize noise and buzz in the painting room, the ventilation unit is located on the street, on the wall of the room, it has a special vibration-damping frame.

This is the first time we have applied a two-level exhaust air filtration system: the first level is a cardboard labyrinth filter, the second level is a fiberglass filter. The cardboard labyrinth filter has a very high absorption capacity, so it is installed first and protects the fiberglass filter from premature contamination.

In May 2014, the paint section of this enterprise was equipped with another paint stand; today, three paint stands are used.