Used spray booth

One of the main options for private business among our compatriots for a long time remains a car service. Various types and brands of vehicles are periodically in need of repair, including straightening and painting. It is not necessary to purchase new expensive equipment. The second-hand spray booth will successfully cope with many tasks. Even given the fact that the device is somewhat outdated, the finished complex is much more effective than separately purchased equipment. It significantly reduces the quality of staining and the painting area in an unequipped room. Therefore, as one of the options for reducing the initial investment, a used camera justifies itself.

Buy a refurbished spray booth

Former owners are often not too careful with the dismantling of paint systems. As a result of unqualified intervention (disassembly or repair), individual components or systems of a complex device may be damaged. After such actions, the unit must be inspected, repaired and rebuilt. In this case, it is better to contact the company where the spray booth was assembled to buy the used one that you want.

The Techservice Veko company can restore or repair all knots and details to an initial state. Our specialists are well aware of the features of all complexes manufactured since 2001. In addition to restoring the camera, we will advise you on the optimal location of the device in the room. Do not forget: the spray booth is classified as explosive!

Upgraded spray booth used at Techservice Weko

A quick return on investment depends on the level of work. In order for the restored paint equipment to work without failures, it is necessary to conduct an audit and modernization of some units. By the forces of our specialists you can:

  • change the existing dimensions of the device or repair it;
  • repair or remodel doors for painters or gates for equipment;
  • Convert filter frames or ceiling plenum;
  • in addition, the spray booth used price will not increase, equipped with a modern ventilation system and thermal ventilation cabinets;
  • upgrade management systems.

When choosing everything you need to open a car service, keep in mind that the cost of the painting chamber depends on its size, the number of installed motors, the complexity of the ventilation system, and the availability of additional functions. Also do not forget about the presence of a shot blasting machine in your car service.

Found a suitable option that requires modernization and repair? Call the Techservice Veko specialists, the phone is on the site. We will restore the spray booth on time. Call me!