Spray booth for railway carriage

The Techservice Weko company, since 2001, has been developing and manufacturing equipment for painting a variety of metal structures, products and parts. For industrial production and repair of rolling stock in the depot, we have completed dozens of projects for the installation of separate chambers for painting and drying, painting and drying complexes. The dual spray booth for railway carriage 32/6/6 m in size is the most popular equipment, because it allows you to simultaneously work with two products, the length of which is up to 14 m. It is possible to color all parts of the train (locomotive, cars, platforms). The camera can be equipped with rolling gates or a tent curtain for simultaneous painting of two pieces of equipment. The device is designed so that its two parts, isolated from each other by an awning, will work in different modes. By the way, you need to take into account the fact that before painting the product (car parts) you need to clean them in a shot blasting machine.

Cost-effective painting of wagons with Techservice Weko

The main obstacle to the economy of such a device is its solid size. The technological process requires continuously supplying to the chamber purified and heated air to a predetermined temperature. For such a room volume, the required air intake is up to 240,000 cubic meters. m per hour, which leads to high energy consumption. Modern painting of railway carriage is carried out in well-insulated units. The level of thermal insulation is so high that it allows you to reach the set parameters in just 15-20 minutes, even in the winter, when in addition to the incoming air it is necessary to heat the surface of the car. As a heat-insulating material, we use polyurethane foam, as the most safe material for humans. For more efficient work of personnel, the device can be equipped with several lifting trolleys.

Simultaneous drying and painting of railway carriage in a double chamber

In addition to standard cameras, our specialists successfully manufacture dual variants. This term means the possibility of simultaneous painting or drying of two cars or platforms. The complex is equipped with two rows of sealed fixtures with a light level of at least 800 L. Two service gates, three doors for staff and an internal partition. Wagons are painted at an air exchange level of 160,000 to 240,000 cubic meters. m per hour. The control unit of the complex is divided into two halves for two parts of the camera. Thus, drying and staining can occur simultaneously in the unit. The experience of our employees allows more efficient use of energy resources by installing double walls and special air ducts.

Implemented projects of spray booths for railway carriage:

Camera for painting railway carriage – Diesel Plant

Chamber for painting wagons – Donetskstal

Painting complex for railway carriage – Ukrspetsvagon

Coloring of passenger train wagons – DEPO Tbilisi