Spray booth for agricultural machinery

Ukraine today is an industrial-agrarian country. We have a very high agricultural potential and can become a leading agricultural country in the world! Therefore, the production of agricultural machinery is a strategically important industry for Ukraine, and the spray booth for agricultural machinery is an integral part of it.

During its existence, our company has developed dozens of different designs of spray booths for agricultural machinery, moreover, it took up to six months to develop one concept for them, a striking example is the Nezhinsky Mechanical Plant, for which it was necessary to equip a shot-blasting chamber, coating and their further drying, as well as the system of transportation and canting of products during processing. Read more about this project in: production of a spray booth for agricultural machinery, a painting complex for agricultural machinery. In addition, we have developed and implemented a project for the paint department for the Belotserkovmaz Scientific-Production Enterprise, it consists of one shot-blasting chamber, two paint booths and two drying chambers with dimensions of 9000x5500x3000h mm.

Based on our experience, we can argue that most enterprises specializing in the production or repair of agricultural machinery have a rather complicated technological process and often require, in addition to the spray booth, an abrasive blasting system as well as a product transportation system. Therefore, the spray booth for agricultural machinery is a rather complicated (technically) type of spray booth.

An example of a spray booth for agricultural machinery.

A vivid confirmation of this is another project of ours – a spray booth for parts and components of agricultural machinery at the Avtoshtamp factory. This company is engaged in the production of agricultural machinery, and paintwork is applied to its parts and assemblies. The painted products come in a wide variety of dimensions and weights; they are moved around the paint shop using a crane beam. The equipment of a separate transport system for this plant was too financially complicated, so it was decided to use a crane-beam to move products in the spray booth for agricultural machinery. A paint booth with a sliding roof was specially developed for this enterprise. The cabin of this spray booth for agricultural machinery, has dimensions 12000x5000x3500h mm., And is a metal frame made of profile corners and pipes, covered with an awning curtain. The ceiling of the chamber extends along the guides thanks to the pneumatic cylinders, the ceiling is controlled from the central control panel of the camera, this allows you to feed products into the chamber using the existing crane beam. The thermal ventilation group of the chamber consists of one supply ventilation cabinet and two exhaust hoods located along the side walls of the chamber. Thus, the spray booth for agricultural machinery can have a wide variety of options, and often includes a shot blasting chamber and conveyor elements of the transport system. This can be a spray booth for equipment, a spray booth for tractors, a spray booth for equipment. Contact our office, and we will help you choose the best option for painting equipment! Tractor painting will be the best with our equipment.

Implemented projects of spray booths for agricultural machinery:

Roof spray booth – Auto-stamp

Tractor spray booth – BELOTSERKOVMAZ