Post preparation for painting

The need for a long and uninterrupted operation of paint departments and workshops at enterprises has led to the appearance of various preparatory sites. Their application allowed us to make the staining process faster and more efficient with less time and energy. So, the preparation site for painting, designed by the Techservice WEKO engineers, is necessary for the timely heating, cleaning and supply of air masses to the spray booth and the discharge of exhaust air to the outside. It is convenient to carry out dusty and dirty work in installations, since all contaminated air will undergo a complete cleaning. Additionally, equipment located at such a post can slightly warm the air in the painting area. In addition to this feature, the device is completely autonomous and does not affect the air inside the workshop.

How is the preparation for coloring post arranged

The specialists of Techservice WEKO create highly efficient and economical equipment, the use of which makes painting and drying the highest quality. The necessary set of equipment is as follows:

  • exhaust ventilation (can be with water or air curtains);
  • thermal ventilation cabinet (one or several), which provides a post for preparation for painting with warm air. Its components: high power centrifugal fan, heat exchangers (gas or electric), a preliminary filter and automatic shutter dampers;
  • suspended ceiling with filtration system;
  • lighting devices with an appropriate level of protection against dust and moisture;
  • control panel with the necessary sensors and systems.

Each post can be designed for one or two operators. The control panel is optionally equipped with additional converters for greater efficiency.

Why do I need a training post

The pursuit of reasonable savings can play a poor role in equipping the paint shop. Saving owners of car services, furniture workshops, etc., consider it possible to carry out preparatory work for painting in paint booths. This is a big mistake. Too much dirt and dust will get into the filtering system of the camera and the quality of painting will noticeably decrease. The preparation post is designed to minimize the contamination of various types on the fresh surface. In addition, such a device saves the filtering resource of the spray booth, which also increases its life. Also, before painting, you can use the shot blasting system.

The designers of the Techservice WEKO company have developed several models of preparatory posts that are suitable for different tasks and the area of ​​the premises. With intensive work of the paint shop, preparatory posts should be at least two.

Current models of training posts for cars:




You can get more detailed information about the training posts, availability and our production capabilities by calling the sales manager. Modern high-performance industrial equipment from the manufacturer Techservice Weko. Call me!

Implemented projects of training posts:

Painting post with hydro screen – NBU banknote

Dry filtration painting post – Plant 410 CA

Painting complex of production of Techservice WEKO – Plasma

Preparation post with hydro-screen – Isak