Painting water curtain

Different requirements for the coloring of certain products have led to the emergence of chambers with various design features. The differences lie in the method of removing paint and varnish vapors. A chamber with a water curtain is intended for painting bulky large-sized units, for example, individual parts of a car body or assembled bodies. Inside any chamber there is a continuous movement of air, carrying away paint vapors. In such systems, water molecules trap and bind the smallest particles of paintwork materials, minimizing the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere. The specialists of the Techservice VEKO company can equip already existing painting chambers with one or several water curtains. This step will make the painter’s work more comfortable and safe. Before painting the product, you need a shot-blasting machine to clean the product from rust and remnants of the previous paint layer.

Why do you need a water curtain in the chamber

The internal structure of the water chamber is similar to that of a conventional painting unit. With the help of powerful fans, air is forced inside the filter system. The degree of purification of the air stream is very high. Then the air heats up, raising the temperature inside the unit. The spent air masses are removed by fans outside the chamber through special openings. The water curtain is located in front of these holes. Passing through it, the air flow gets rid of suspended paint particles, which are washed off with water. In different spray booths there can be several water curtains with varying degrees of purification. Such a design of filtration levels is convenient, since the fan blades are additionally protected from adhesion of paintwork residues on them. In this way, the service life of the entire complex is extended.

What are water spray booths for?

Improving production efficiency and caring for the environment are important, but not the only factors. Such a complex is capable of:

  • improve the quality of the topcoat;
  • reduce the time of maintenance of the painting area;
  • increase the productivity of the site;
  • water spray booths are optimal for improving the working conditions of personnel;
  • exclude the concentration of explosive substances;
  • reduce the fire hazard of the painting area.

The range of fume hoods with a water curtain is currently represented by five models:



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