Painting stand

The painting stand is a metal frame of corners and pipes, lined with metal sheet, with ventilation and air filtration. It is designed to remove paint vapors from the painting area and provide acceptable working conditions for the painter. The painting stand draws air from the painting area, cleans it with a filtration system and releases it into the atmosphere. The painting case is much simpler and cheaper than a case with a water curtain in service. Its use is expedient when the area of ​​the painted surface and volume of the used LKM is not high.

The painting stand can have a zone of an extract in the sizes from 500х500 mm. up to 2500×3500 mm. And the painter’s workplace can be equipped with a rotary table, rotary supports or other equipment for convenience of painting of products.


The painting stand with dry filtration consists of:

  1. Metal frame cabinet made of metal corners lined with sheet. It has a layer of protective polymer coating and serves as a framework for exhaust filter cartridges and a fan;
  2. The filtration system of the painting stand of the fulfilled air can be one-stage or two-stage. In the two-stage, the first stage of cleaning is a cardboard labyrinth filter, it captures most of the paint vapors and prevents direct contact of the paint on the fiberglass filter, preventing its premature contamination. And the second level is a fiberglass filter with a degree of purification of 95%, filtration class EU3. The emission filter cassettes are mounted in special cabinet frames, they have an excellent peripheral seal and are easily removable;
  3. Powerful, centrifugal or axial fan of the painting stand with the electric motor, mounted on a special, vibration-damping frame. The productivity of the fan can make from 1000 to 15000 m3 / hour;
  4. One or more sealed lamps of the painting stand, depending on modification of a fume hood;
  5. Control panel.

Actual models of painting cases with dry filtration:




Implemented projects of painting cabinets:

Exhaust stand – LLC “Mabo”

Exhaust hood for painting – Girami

Painting stand – Art Wood

Painting cabinet for preparation of exhibition samples – Paint

Exhaust umbrella for painting – LTL Group

If you are interested in purchasing a “painting cabinet” or “fume hood for painting” – contact our experienced specialists. They will be able to pick up the most suitable and effective decision for you. The painting stand is the simplest, but effective equipment for arrangement of painting department.