Painting complex

The painting complex can be the most diverse, consisting of one or more conveyors, cameras, posts and cabinets.

But in this section we suggest you consider the most popular version of the paint complex for furniture or other similar products in terms of size – a paint complex consisting of two chambers, one of which is a paint-drying unit and a drying room. The dimensions of the cameras are selected individually, when choosing them, you must consider:

  • maximum overall dimensions of the painted products;
  • time spent on painting 1 product;
  • time spent on drying 1 product.

Based on these parameters, it is determined which of the chambers will be larger and which smaller, you also need to remember that for painting the product you need at least a meter of space on each side of it, and in drying this space is useless.

The cabins of the chambers are located close to each other and in addition to the entrance gates have one thing in common, due to which the painted product has the opportunity to fall directly into the dryer after painting. Before these manipulations, it may be necessary to clean the product in a shot blasting chamber.

The spray booth in this complex has a composition almost identical to the standard spray booth, the only differences are in the settings of the control panel with automation and control systems – they are configured to work only in the paint mode. And the drying chamber is different from the spray booth:

  • a fan with an electric motor is less powerful than in a similar-sized spray booth, since the multiplicity of air exchange in the drying chamber is enough 50 times / hour;
  • the thermal ventilation cabinet has only one slide gate – recirculation;
  • control panel with automation and control systems configured to work only in drying mode;
  • Lighting in the drying chamber consists of one or two duty lights.

Such a painting complex makes it possible to speed up the process of painting products several times, and significantly reduce energy consumption for painting 1 product.

The most popular model of a painting complex for furniture – FSC

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Implemented projects of painting complexes: