Painting and drying chamber

The durability of the coating material applied to the product or part depends largely on the conditions in which the painting and drying process took place. There are many factors, the observance of which guarantees the quality of the finish coating and its ability to successfully resist negative external factors. Strict adherence to the norms of the technological process is able to provide a painting and drying chamber. Only equipment designed and manufactured in the factory will completely clean the air of dust and dirt and make the work of personnel safe.

Devices manufactured by Techservice WEKO fully comply with European labor protection requirements. The high rate of air exchange during drying and staining makes the complex completely fireproof. You can use any kind of paintwork and paintwork in it, making the dyeing and drying cycle complete.

Painting and drying chamber price – individual projects

Experienced specialists in the design department of Techservice WEKO have developed standard and individual options for equipping painting chambers. The latter are created for certain conditions and can be of any configuration, size and content. Since the basis for most individual projects remains the standard painting and drying chamber, its device consists of the following departments and units:

fully sealed and thermally insulated cabin, which includes: fireproof and moisture resistant walls and ceiling cover (can withstand temperature increase up to 180 degrees), suspended ceiling with air filters, floor with built-in filters, gates (of various designs), service doors, waterproof and dustproof lamps ;
supply, exhaust or supply and exhaust thermal ventilation cabinets, slide gate valves and preliminary filters of the drying chamber. Gas or electric heat exchanger;
process control panel.

Additionally, the camera can be understaffed with more powerful TVS, several filters, lamps or other nodes.

Buy spray booth inexpensively from the manufacturer

Mostly when buying sophisticated equipment, buyers pay special attention to efficiency, the level of energy saving, ease of operation. The working resource, the speed of the dyeing and drying processes, the possibility of warranty and post-warranty service, and the level of security are also very important. In order to increase the speed of the processes, after staining and drying the product, it should be turned over to bead blasting. It is no secret that such a unit belongs to equipment with increased fire hazard. The painting and drying chamber you want should be completely safe for others. The drying and painting chamber is very convenient in that it combines all the necessary functions.

Compliance with all these conditions is guaranteed by Techservice WEKO, an experienced manufacturer of this kind of equipment. Through the efforts of our engineers, more than 100 projects of painting complexes have been developed and launched into implementation. In addition to standard options, it is possible to develop and manufacture cameras of any configuration and size for your conditions.

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