Mobile spray booth – operation and device

A feature of many types of production activity is dyeing of products in individual places of workshops or painting too small parts. The use of a standard painting complex in these cases may be impractical due to the significant energy costs. In such conditions, a mini-paint booth will help out, which can be moved around the workshop by rolling on a product requiring painting. This option, in addition to energy saving, also implies significant savings in production space. The Techservice WEKO company develops and makes devices of the necessary sizes and configuration, suitable for any conditions. There is only one requirement for camera operating conditions – the most even floor of the painting area.

An analysis of the needs of small and medium-sized manufacturers showed that it is most profitable and convenient to work with a sliding device. The principle of its operation: the product to be painted is installed in front of the supply and exhaust fans, then the camera for painting is stretched and fixed with the gates open, which are closed last. Such a mobile spray booth consists of three separate modules: a fume hood, a blower thermal ventilation cabinet, and a sliding enclosing structure. The latter consists of 13 separate sections of 1,200 mm each. The maximum working area of ​​the entire device is 15.600 / 6.000 / 5.000. Three modules are equipped with wheels for independent movement. The pressure thermal ventilation cabinet can be placed behind the fume hood or in the opposite side, behind the enclosing structure.

Inexpensive to buy a mobile spray booth with a guarantee

The desire to reduce energy costs and create highly efficient equipment has allowed Techservice WEKO to become one of the industry leaders. In our work, we use the latest energy-saving technologies and constantly consult with outstanding scientists. The result of the collaboration was the opportunity given you to buy a mini spray booth with an innovative swirl type heat exchanger. The device is powered by electricity and has a special design that allows you to receive the maximum amount of heat. The used thick-film electric heaters are 40% more effective than conventional tubular devices. The engineering department of Techservice WEKO continues to develop highly efficient and economical units of spray booths.

Implemented projects of mobile spray booths:

Mobile spray booth – NPO Vertical