Maintenance and repair of spray booths

Maintenance and repair of spray booths is one of the priority activities of our company. We have rich experience in solving non-standard tasks both in creating spray booths and in eliminating all kinds of malfunctions. Our own design and production departments allow us to repair paint booths of any complexity or to manufacture new parts to replace failed ones.

Standard maintenance of the camera includes the replacement of all filters and engine belts, as well as a performance check and identification or prevention of malfunctions in the main components of the spray booth:

  • air heating unit (liquid fuel burner + heat-resistant steel heat exchanger or electric heat exchanger);
  • air handling unit;
  • remote Control;
  • camera cabin;
  • camera lighting.

And also we can perform any non-standard tasks – repair or modernization of the automation and control system of the spray booth or replacing the heat exchanger from a liquid-fuel burner with electric or even solid-fuel heating and much more.

All cameras produced by us have a warranty period of 1 year, during which warranty service of the spray booth is free of charge, and parts that fail are not replaced through the Buyer’s fault. After the warranty period expires, we can continue regular maintenance of the spray booth on a contractual basis, or perform maintenance or repair of the spray booth as necessary.

Timely and high-quality maintenance of the spray booth is the key to its long and uninterrupted operation, which means that your customers will be satisfied with the work and will definitely come to you again! I advise you not to delay the maintenance of the spray booth!

Our company also offers cameras for shot blasting at competitive prices!